APL Germany 50th Anniversary Meeting

posted 4 Sep 2016, 03:22 by Stephen Taylor   [ updated 4 Sep 2016, 03:22 ]

The German GSE Working Group APL, APL Germany and IBM Germany announce a celebration of the 50th anniversary of APL:

50 years ago, exactly on Nov 27, 1966, the first APL workspace was saved in the first APL implementation at IBM. Therefore the German GSE Working Group APL, APL Germany and IBM Germany have joined to organise an APL Anniversary Meeting on Nov 27 to 29, 2016, at IBM Lab Boeblingen, Germany.
The 3 inviting organisations would appreciate very much your participation. In particular it would be wonderful, if you would be able and willing to contribute some talk to the agenda we have begun to compose.
In a few weeks we will announce details of meeting location, hotel accommodation, 1st agenda draft etc.
Please let us know via email whether or not you would participate and perhaps give a talk.
Thanks in advance for your caring and best regards

Bernd Geisselhardt

Dyalog Ltd announces Dyalog Version 15.0

posted 2 Jul 2016, 01:43 by Stephen Taylor

Dyalog Ltd has released Version 15 of its APL interpreter. Major features: 
  • Supported on Microsoft Windows, IBM AIX, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Mac OS X
  • Free non-commercial licences 
  • Performance improvements 
  • New features for cross-platform code 
  • APL source code in Unicode text files
  • Improved look and feel – and a new icon 

Leaping not looping

posted 18 Apr 2016, 14:10 by Stephen Taylor

Another post on the Array Thinking blog attempts to tease out what is distinctive about array-oriented solutions. This time, testing whether a year is a leap year.

Command Ivy – a new APL interpreter

posted 18 Apr 2016, 14:04 by Stephen Taylor

A new APL interpreter project, built by Rob Pike of Unix fame. 

“a plaything, and a work in progress”

His interpreter is called "Ivy", uses ASCII characters, and is written in Go. It nicely leverages Go’s BigNum library, making it possible to work with very large integers and arrays.

Dyalog North American User Meeting 2016 – DYNA16

posted 16 Feb 2016, 14:23 by Stephen Taylor

Dyalog invites users, partners and all other interested parties to our 2016 North American Dyalog User Meeting, to be held at the Crowne Plaza in Princeton, NJ on 18-19 April 2016. 

The preliminary programme can be found at 

Costs are $500 for both meeting days (or $250 for just one day) and overnight accommodation is available at $159+taxes per night. Further details of costs and what is included along with a registration form can be found on our website

Note: Dyalog16 will be taking place from 9-13 October in Glasgow – full details will be announced soon!

Let it snow

posted 22 Dec 2015, 02:35 by Stephen Taylor   [ updated 22 Dec 2015, 02:36 ]

Snow crash
A little Christmas gift from the Array Thinking blog: how to make snow. Also on YouTube

Dyalog announces 2016 meetings

posted 16 Dec 2015, 13:24 by Stephen Taylor

Dyalog has announced the dates and locations for its 2016 user meetings: 
Details of planned content and how to register will follow once the information is available.

APL Germany Fall Meeting 16-17 Nov

posted 13 Oct 2015, 09:03 by Stephen Taylor

Beginning Monday 16:11. at 09:30 

End Tue 17:11. at 16:00 

We have still free slot's on the agenda. If someone has an idea for a talk or presentation he or she can feel free to contact me. We will accept of course also short presentations.

The meeting will be at the University of Applied Sciences in Erfurt, Altonaer Straße 25

- Monday Building 1 Romm 7.2.15 und Tuesday Building 1, Room 1.2.22

- local organisation Ms. Jana Großner, Tel: +49 361 6700514

Hotelrooms at Hotel Am Kaisersaal , old Town of Erfurt, Futterstraße 8, Telefon +49 361 65 8560
25 Rooms are reserved

- Prices: € 89,00 / Singleroom / Night
€ 109,00 / Doubleroom / Night

- Hotel Booking please until 1.11.2015 at the Hotel, keyword "APL"

Distance Hotel to University 1 km ca. 15 Min

Coffee and Lunchat the University available

Sunday evening get together , old Town of Erfurt, Restaurant Christoffel Michaelisstr. 41,

Monday evening meeting , old Town of . Naumburgischer Keller, Michaelisstr. 49,

An Introduction to Neural Networks with kdb+

posted 2 Oct 2015, 15:26 by Stephen Taylor

Neural network
James Neill writes about implementing neural networks in kdb+ in this article from the q for Gods series. Unsurprisingly, the code is quite short… 

Fear and Loathing with APL

posted 2 Oct 2015, 15:18 by Stephen Taylor

Functional programmer Yan Cui blogs at about his first venture into APL

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