• Leaping not looping Another post on the Array Thinking blog attempts to tease out what is distinctive about array-oriented solutions. This time, testing whether a year is a leap year. https://arraythinking ...
    Posted 18 Apr 2016, 14:10 by Stephen Taylor
  • Command Ivy – a new APL interpreter A new APL interpreter project, built by Rob Pike of Unix fame. “a plaything, and a work in progress”His interpreter is called "Ivy", uses ASCII characters, and is written ...
    Posted 18 Apr 2016, 14:04 by Stephen Taylor
  • Dyalog North American User Meeting 2016 – DYNA16 Dyalog invites users, partners and all other interested parties to our 2016 North American Dyalog User Meeting, to be held at the Crowne Plaza in Princeton, NJ on 18-19 ...
    Posted 16 Feb 2016, 14:23 by Stephen Taylor
  • Let it snow A little Christmas gift from the Array Thinking blog: how to make snow. Also on YouTube. 
    Posted 22 Dec 2015, 02:36 by Stephen Taylor
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J: an informal introduction, Kenneth E. Iverson, 7:1

Arianna Locatell
Arianna Locatelli, First Place winner of the Dyalog APL Programming Contest 2015

Vector 22.3
is the journal of the British APL Association. The BAA promotes terse programming languages derived from Iverson’s mathematical notation. (more…)
Catherine Lathwell’s
film diaries