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Want to be guided aroung by thai cute sweet sweet butch? 
Take our tour to see thais in the ordinary way that thai percieve!!!
Trip  1  Amphawa
80 kms from Bangkok. The orchard community which accompany with floating market, the reflection of thai ariculutre culture which tie closely with river. Seafood, local thai food from the area and lots of fruits are for sales both from the boat and on shore. Seafood is also famous in the area as Samutkonkhrm is next to the sea. The province also one of the large site in thailand which produce salt.
More info about amphawa visit http://www.amphawafloatingmarket.com/
Trip to and back from Amphawa cost  1,500 baht and can accomodate up to 2 persons.
Trip 2 Taling Chan Floating market
Taling Chan is the orchard area of ThonBuri (Which is later became part of Bangkok) Taling Chan Floating market is about 30 mins from BaanNum Guesthouse. Along the river you will find the variety of food saling by the roof which are all thai favourites such as ; Original Thai Coffee, Noodles, Chinese noodles wich brown soup, grilled fish, squid,shrimps..., fried taofoo, and all kind of North eastern food such as Somtam (Papaya salad), Laab (meat with rice grain and some herbs)
After food we can go further to visit orchad along the river by long tail boat along Bang Cheug Nang canel. Sail down the river to see how the life next to the river is like, visit orchid farm and snake farm and reach finally the fish paradise at Wat Paknam Tai.
On the way back we can also take you to Santi Chai Prakarn Fort, take the walk way along the river and then take the boat back to BaanNum Guesthouse.
 trip 3 VimanMek  Mansion
This is the world's largest golden teak wood mansion with more than 22 buildings, theatre, Halls and stages to visit. read more
trip 4 Koh Lan Island.

One day trip to visit island!!
Koh Lan is the island off Pattaya shore.
Sneak away from extremely busy and
sex tourism of Pattaya to this much
rather quiet beach. Swim in the warm
sea and rest on the white sand beach to get some sun.