The Fall 2017 class meets Tuesdays, 10-12:30, in B&E 323J 

This is the website for BA 762: Research Methods, a Ph.D. course taught each Fall by Steve Borgatti at the University of Kentucky.

This course is about doing social science research. While we discuss epistemological issues, the focus is on practical matters: how to do it. Skills covered include theorizing, study design, measurement, exploratory data analysis and hypothesis testing. The format is largely discussion of published articles, along with some lecture. 

For detailed information on the course, including timing and location, see the syllabus and the schedule.

The short name for this website is tinyurl.com/ba762rm 

Please note this site replaces http://www.analytictech.com/ba762/ which is long obsolete.


  • Interesting natural experiment https://www.fastcompany.com/40456604/these-women-entrepreneurs-created-a-fake-male-cofounder-to-dodge-startup-sexism
    Posted 30 Aug 2017, 06:06 by Steve Borgatti
  • Junk Science Thankfully, we still publish retractions for faked data. But what we need to do is stop the flood of bullshit analyses. For example, we play with our data and find ...
    Posted 3 Sep 2017, 07:48 by Steve Borgatti
  • New journal - Academy of Management Discoveries This sounds pretty interesting. Look at the "from the editor" link below. They say " In terms of style, we want AMD to be a playful, inquisitive, innovative journal–driven to ...
    Posted 13 Dec 2014, 13:54 by Steve Borgatti
  • New edition of methods book Handbook of Methods in Cultural Anthropology Second EditionEdited by H. Russell Bernard and Clarence C. Gravlee 
    Posted 18 Sep 2014, 12:40 by Steve Borgatti
  • Ditch the laptop and pick up a pen, class. Researchers say it’s better for note taking. http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/national/wp/2014/08/26/ditch-the-laptop-and-pick-up-a-pen-clas
    Posted 5 Sep 2014, 09:53 by Steve Borgatti
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