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Midlands Electricity Board

Transcript of reference supplied by the agency Professional Software Personnel for the contract at MEB.

Contractors Name. Andrew Huskinson.
Date. 23/09/1997.
Position. A/P 

Name of Referee. Heskett Dawson.
Position of Referee. Manager.
Company.         IBM Warwick.
Tel Number. 01926 464000.
Ref. Taken by. Colin Hinton.

Technical Abilities.
OK.  QMF he knows very well.
Communication Skills.
Adequate; could be difficult at times; occasionally needed objectives restating then OK; but job always completed.
Work Alone/In a Team.
Excellent at both; particularly good working alone.
Appearance and Time Keeping.
Fine; worked long hours without objection.
Business Knowledge.
Picked up new business knowledge area okay according to need.
General attitude.
Reliable; professional; prepared to work long hours.
Would you Re-employ.
Any other comments.