email me at for personal support:

I now offer an Ebook, Google Places Blueprint, giving my up to date advice on making a Google Places entry with a years free updates.

This covers making a correct entry and advice on optimisation to get the ranking needed to get on page 1 of the Places search result listings.

For Google and Your Business help forum users who I have previously posted to I update the 15 minutes free support to 30 minutes.  If my help is of use please leave a little thank you in your forum post.

There is now an Affiliate Program for you to sell the Ebook:

A YouTube reference from one of my clients and an Ebook affiliate sales partner.

If you buy a Yext Power listing here: 

then I will upgrade the free support with a Blueprint bought at the same time to 60 minutes.

You will need to Donate:

I am offering an initial Places entry and +Local Business page review for 30 pounds.  This will include:

Reasons for Pending being Reviewed.  I have a 100% record so far of getting a new Places entry Pending Review record to go to the next PIN verify stage and former Active ones back to Active and in the Maps index and ranking queue.

Also if your Places entry is appearing for a local search in Google Maps by Phone no or (Business name and location) but not in a Places search result I can advise on changes needed to show in the search.  These are more detailed and subject to change compared to those in the Quality Guidelines.

If you have had your Places account Suspended, go into Quiet Purgatory, or out of the blue 'location is not supported' then I can advise on the reason and the best option to edit a Places entry to get back Active again and appearing in the Places search result.

Also I do advice on how to set up a + Profile, +Brand/+Business and/or a +Local Business page to best use Google Plus social and normal search Google+ pages driven by a Places entry.

Will ‎ - 31 Aug 2011
Always helpful and dedicated to helping people out in one of the trickiest advertising mediums on earth! Great stuff. Cheers, Will 

Jim ‎ - 5 Sep 2011
Very knowlegable and insightful. I believe Andrew can untangle just about any Google Local mess. 

Chris ‎ - 24 Sep 2011
A shining light in the dark tunnel of Google Places. Exceptionally knowledgeable. I was beginning to despair until I found Andrew. Thank you!! 

Paddy ‎ - 14 Dec 2011
Very helpful and friendly told me exactly what I needed to do with problems I was having on Googgle places. Will be keeping his e-mail address in cass I have more problems. Paddy Moran 

dccs52 ‎ - 6 Feb 2012
Andrew has been extremely insightful and helpful for us. His breakdown on why we were not performing etc... within our local search was excellent and he answered all our questions. I have no hesitation in saying, if you are having trouble with your google places account! Contact Andrew.

60 pounds or 95 Dollars per hour for Ad Hoc support and website SEO.

60 pounds or 95 dollars to set up a Places entry to conform to the written and un-written guidelines.

120 pounds or 190 Dollars to set up a google friendly Google Places entry to show in a Google Maps results. Plus 2 months support to allow for Category, Description and Additional Details tuning for the best search result.

240 pounds or 380 Dollars to set up a free Web presence.  A Google Places entry and a set off matching free listings and free website to increase Google Maps ranking. Plus 3 months support.

60 pounds or 95 Dollars to review a Google Places entry and advise on Duplicates and old closed businesses still appearing. Plus 1 months support.

120 pounds or 190 Dollars for a review of your entire Web presence.  Plus 1 months support.

30 pounds or 45 Dollars per hand crafted post to top ranking web directories and 75 Pounds (30 pounds plus 45 pounds fee) to make an entry in bulk post site.

I am selling an option to have your Places entry location 3D modelled in Maps and have your Places pictures geotagged as well.

The benefits are:

  Offers a PIN location for new builds

  Increases presence and ranking in Google Places search Maps 7 Pack result

  Gives greater granularity for multiple-occupancy buildings, Malls and Industrial Estates.

Solution offerings:

  Simple model. 50 Pounds

  Client input required for images. 150 Pounds

  Client Input required for images and 10 pictures geotagged. 200 Pounds

  Attach your business name to an existing building model. 250 Pounds

If the link has an issue outside the UK you can pay from your Paypal account to my email address.

  Contact me for bespoke quotations.

To get your Places entry reviewed this blog page tell you the fields I need: 

I am a regular poster to the Google Places Help Forum as SQLPerformance.

I tweet at "!/AndrewsPlaces". To keep you up with googles changes.

My Blog  for Places Entry advice

A standing order for a few Pounds/Euros/Dollars per month will support my free work on the Help Forum and my regular Tweets on google Places issues.  Thanks.

This is a great post with awesome advice. Thank you, SQL Performance! Brianna Brekke Google Employee who pinned two of my postings in the Google Places Help Forum.

SQL, you are perhaps one of only a very few contributors on this (Google Places Help ) forum who actually think carefully before submitting advice. (I sometimes rush in.) Master Sweeps.

Thanks for the insight again. If google were half as helpful as you here, alot of people would be so much more at ease. Michele191.

I also post on the Google+ Discuss Forum when alerted by +Kamal Tailor

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