The Plan

Home is where the B4RN is

B4RN is reaching a critical point in its evolution as you can see from the Timeline. Its success is dependent on there being sufficient interest in taking a broadband service from the project and for investment in shares in the Industrial and Provident Society (co-op) which will build and run the fibre optic network.

All details of the plan have been made available to the public. The Business Plan is there for everyone to see how this project aims to succeed, and we encourage everyone to give it due attention before making a decision about subscribing to the service and/or investing in shares. The Management team bios show the experience of the key players behind the project to date, but there are also many more now involved across the community, and the database of skills available to the project is extraordinarily impressive.

Everyone has something to offer B4RN in this community, from putting a poster in your window or car, writing a letter of support, driving a digger, or simply talking about the project in the pub or at community gatherings.  Many of you also have technical skills which we will also need, from video production to graphic design, from advanced networking to database experience, from advertising and marketing to building websites. We believe B4RN has much to give back to you in return for your help - be it true enviable next generation broadband, cheaper utility bills, training, work, or a return on investment.

Please register an interest, offer your skills or even just an hour of your time, print out posters and fliers to display, talk to everyone about the project, make sure you check out the How you can Help section, which will be regularly updated as we move through the phases of the project, and sign up for our newsletter for news and updates. 

UPDATE (September): We are halfway to the target! If each person who is interested in taking a service or investing persuaded just one more individual, household, business or farm to sign up, we will reach our target. 
Update (October) Share issue being finalised for release in November.