Share forms

This is the original B4RN site we started with, and we no longer keep it updated. Please visit our new site at 

There are PDF and WORD versions of the share forms below, and also the full share offer invitation document. Please consult with your family, friends and financial advisor, and if you decide to invest please take advantage of our earlybird offer of Three Extra Months connection free for subscriptions over £1500 received BEFORE 29th February 2012.

If you have already decided to purchase shares, the form can be found below and the sooner you do it the sooner the project dig will start. Once enough funds have been raised from share purchases then the necessary materials can be bought to allow the cable laying phase to start. If you don’t invest yet, we don’t dig yet. The form to purchase shares can be down loaded, signed and posted to the address on it with a cheque, or you can also pay for your shares by BACS or online banking, email us for a reference number. This is OUR network, together we can build IT.