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Home is where the B4RN is

The B4RN project sheds light on rural broadband problems via ...
Some of you might be acquainted with the non-profit broadband project, also known as B4RN(Broadband for Rural North), which has recently revealed what ...

B4RN Project Launch Video Explains Key Issues for UK Rural ...
NEWS B4RN Project Launch Video Explains Key Issues for UK Rural Broadband Provision « ISPreview UK News.

1st January
B4RN project launched « The Final Third First Campaign
B4RN is go!! We have passed the target number of households who want a true broadband connection. Company and share launch was 15th December. ...
30th December
2011 the year in review
23rd December
B4RN Expands Community Broadband in Rural England:

B4rn launches to a full house in Lancaster
B4rn launched its share scheme with the aim of raising some
£2 million to fund the build of its full fibre to the premises
network covering an initial phase ...
DIY fibre broadband
BBC News
The B4RN project aims to bring 1Gb/s broadband to homes in the
Trough of Bowland and the ... 
At an event in Lancaster this afternoon, the B4RN campaigners, ...

BBC News
Rural Lancashire Folk Building Their Own Fibre Network
Gizmodo UK
The B4RN project needs to raise £1.86m
in funding to pay for cables and conduits,
plus the cost of training up the locals to install the cabling themselves. ...
B4RN-raising gets off the ground, NFU promises help ...
B4RN is potentially the most significant telecoms business of recent times because it could show rural communities worldwide the way to access high speed ...

B4RN – Broadband For The Rural North |
by brian_condon on December 15th, 2011. Heading to Lancaster and the launch of “B4RN” an innovative project in bringing FTTH to the people, by the people. ...

Tweetreach report for #B4RN click here thanks Brian (Condon)

7th December, interview on Radio Oxford, audioboo:

5th December
B4RN community broadband project to launch internet service provider
The Broadband for the Rural North (B4RN) community broadband initiative is to formally launch as an internet service provider (ISP) on 15 December. ...
Rural Lancashire fibre broadband project set to proceed
The B4RN (Broadband 4 the Rural North), community initiative set up to initially set up a super-fast, fibre-optic (FTTH) broadband network across eight ...

2nd December
FTTH B4RN-raising in a fortnight « Br0kenTeleph0n3
B4RN (Broadband 4 the Rural North) already has 700 of the 622 home owners needed for the project to break even. At this rate, the project will quickly recover ...
B4RN Project Moves Toward Rollout of 1Gbps Broadband in ...

NEWS B4RN Project Moves Toward Rollout of 1Gbps Broadband in Lancashire UK « ISPreview UK News.
B4RN hits min threshold for launch – 1Gbps Hyperfast #FTTP ...

It's pleasing to note that B4RN (Broadband For the Rural North) has received enough expressions of interest for the founders to launch the company and move ...

18th November

10th November

8th November

2nd November, Radio Lancashire

MONDAY, OCTOBER 31,Gigabitcity blog:

23rd September

Lancaster Guardian news report about b4rn featuring Barry Forde

16th September

28th August

B4rn interview with Sean McGinty on Radio Lancashire (8mins audio)

26th August

Farmers Guardian -
Community owned high-speed rural broadband project

25th August

B4rn deploying 1 gigabit to Lancashire - Whistleout blog:

20th August

Britons crowdsource gigabit fibre to rural north,britons-crowdsource-gigabit-fibre-to-rural-north.aspx

18th August

1 gbps fibre network to rural parishes in Lancashire

17th August
Rural communities still struggling for broadband answers by PC Pro

16th August

Rural communities in the North embark on possibly the most ambitious community project yet.

15th August

B4RN wants to bring customer-owned Gigabit to Lancashire:
The full audio of the launch event on December 15th is here,
(thanks to John Popham):

Audioboo - 'after the event' by Brian Condon: 
Audioboo interview with Barry Forde by Brian Condon: 

Local residents launch community-shared Fibre Optic Broadband Company 
Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Computeractive, November issue
Computer Weekly report on b4rn

Eric Ollerenshaw in parliament speaking about the project
-needs silverlight to play on your computer-

guardian week 5
Guardian week 5

guardian with Barry
Guardian interview with Barry Forde
farmers guardian
Farmer's Guardian sept 23rd Sept

Guardian adverts and editorials:
guardian advert week 5, designed by brenda and the ladies of the book club
Lancaster Guardian 22nd September, designed by #twicket Brenda and the ladies of the book club

guardian b4rn advert week 4
Lancaster Guardian September 15th 2011

lancaster guardian editorial week 3
Lancaster Guardian September 8th 2011

lancaster guardian b4rn editorial week 2
Lancaster Guardian September 1st 2011

guardian editorial week 1
Lancaster Guardian August 26th 2011

farmer's guardian b4rn article
Farmer's Guardian 26th August 2011

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