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Photos and Videos

ducting for B4RN
This is a photo of the ducting that goes to people's houses. some will be even smaller than this.
fibre for B4RN
This is a photo of 12 fibres. Covered in plastic. Small aren't they?

This is a Desire Path.
We will build our own path, because there isn't one where we want to walk.A desire Path
the above photo was found here - really good blog, worth a read.

b4rn slideshow

Slideshow of photos from the b4rn area and events held in September
Barry, one of the locals has 30 seconds to say why he likes being online...
Digitalrevolutions video entry, how technology can change your life.

Welsh farmers embrace tech! the BAASTUDS. by popular request.
battery back up and access chamber for the route fibre.
The above photo shows the battery backup and the black thing is a splice joint/access chamber for underground burial along the route.

Rory Stewart MP features in our take on the Archers
JFDI, Just Farmers Doing IT. Laying their own fibre to the home. May 2009
A skype family Christmas. Digital Inclusion.
Memories are made of this. Laughter is the best medicine, and its good to share. We need upload available, B4RN provides a symmetrical connection, so that family videos can be shared all over the world in seconds.