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Legal & Regulatory

Financial Services Authority
Enterprise Investment Scheme (N.B. this information has not been updated to reflect the change in the April 2011 Budget from 20% to 30% tax relief)

Parish and Village websites in B4RN
- Wray
- Tatham
- Wennet
Caton With Littledale

Community Broadband websites: 

Ewhurst & Surrey Hills Broadband
Improving the degenerating broadband infrastructure in and around Ewhurst

5tth fibrevolution blogspot, doing a fibre walk - every step a challenge:

News on the Australian fibre network working out cheaper than current broadband offerings: 

Home security gadgets

Other interesting videos:
Check out how fast a fibre connection is with this handy tool:

There is a video on this site that is well worth a look: 
Fibre to the TV 

Netflix to Launch Service in the UK and Ireland for Streaming Movies and TV Shows in Early 2012

short video explaining the benefits of connecting to a fibre network

Leasing fibre to build proper networks... Chris Smedley from Geo, great video explaining why it works, and why increased capacity will build the future.

"Fibre is crucial for regeneration and prosperity".

ours are 10 x faster and half the price...

Building the Gigabit city report (shared google doc from Kansas)

Listen to internet radio with cjspeaks on Blog Talk Radio

More Videos on YouTube (link will open a new window)

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

My Digital Life