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Our new website is now launched, thanks to Carrera IT Ltd who have designed and hosted it for us. You can find it here: http://b4rn.org.uk
this site will remain as an archive. Many thanks to AONB for their support in getting this far!
Dec 15th link removed. (Share forms now available from the new site) - the launch presentation with attached photos and videos is also on that link if anyone needs it. Share forms are also attached to a link at the bottom of this homepage. The earlybird offer of an extra three months free connection ends on 29th February. 
B4RN is go!! We have passed the target number of households who want a true broadband connection. Company and share launch was 15th December. See Latest News
Supporters page updated with video from Neelie Kroes the Vice-President of the European Commission and many more! 

If you live in the countryside your broadband is likely to be slow and unreliable.

The necessary investment for next generation rural broadband from the big telecom players is not happening. This is because it is very expensive for them to install better broadband and there are so few customers to sell services to. B4RN has been set up to do something about it...

B4RN will go the extra mile and it will change your world.

Read our parish presentation online (You can download it at the bottom of this page). Read our newsletters on the latest news page

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About B4RN

The purpose of B4RN is to build a fibre optic network which will differ from a standard BT or telecom company offer. It will be a high quality 1Gbps (1000Mbps) future proofed solution, owned and operated by the community.  Read more about the project - Maps, Timeline, Business Plan, Management Team. Our presentation is also attached to this page if you want to download it. (Scroll to the bottom)
B4RN is a community benefit society registered with the Financial Services Authority under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965, similar to a co-operative. Everyone is invited to become a member and buy Shares in B4RN. Services offered include 1Gbps symmetrical broadband.
Register an Interest
Our initial schedule is aggressive and we need potential subscribers and shareholders to express a no-obligation interest AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to decide whether to proceed or to seek an alternative route. Please complete the Registration Form  to express an interest. 
NB: December 2011 this point has been reached and we are proceeding. Communities will be connected to the core route in the order of highest number of subscribers first.

This community can lead the way for many other rural businesses, farms, and consumers who want to see the job done once, and done right.


Promotional and marketing material that has been sent out or is available for download, such as fliers and posters, can be found here.


A regularly updated list of Frequently Asked Questions about Fibre To The Home and B4RN.


As the project progresses, there will be news updates posted, and you can sign up to receive our email Newsletter. Articles and blog posts about the project are on the Press Coverage page.


Links to local and regional websites, national bodies, videos and more. If you run a website or blog, whether business, public sector or individual which serves those within the Lune Valley, please request a link and don't forget to link to B4RN to help spread the word! It's http://www.B4RN.org.uk

Contact Us

Contact details for the project, including Twitter @dig2agig  and Facebook

many more than the total shown have registered, but some are out ofthe area of phase 1 and are offering to buy shares/take service at later date. Only those in the phase 1 parishes are entered on the beanstalk.

Top village take up so far:
being chased by
Abbeystead, Wray and Arkholme
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Tatham Parish council meeting, July 2011
left to right: Brownwen Osborne, Phylis Holt, Andrew Taylor, Bill Deller, Edward Mason, Mel Winstanley, John Holt, Mary Taylor, Jim Harrison, Susan Dawson, Michael Hollings-Tennent.

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