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B4RN is now constantly receiving messages of support as we move to the next phase. If you would like to show B4RN support, please send a mini-telegram (140 characters -ish) to be read out at one of our events, or record 30 seconds of video as an MP4 and send it in to share with the world. Building the network is of paramount importance, but we will also be able to start offering prizes for the best Supporters' contribution because it is your support that has made B4RN possible. 

The first prize we will offer is a weekend break in the Lune Valley, in a deliciously comfortable farmhouse/cottage, with amazing views, a rather good gigabit internet connection,  and a locally produced food hamper.

So, get your entries in.......
First off, a videogramme from Neelie Kroes, we are thrilled to have support from Brussels as well as from local people and politicians. Is this going to win the prize or can you do one to surpass it? Will the gigabit city one win? Will the one from the cabinet office win? We will have to have a democratic vote after Christmas...

first email offer of shares:

Any effort to get fibre deep into rural areas needs supporting and applauding. More than happy to support your effort.  I will be buying shares from my company – The Bit Commons Limited.

Mike Kiely.

Letter of support from the Duke of Westminster, click on the image to read it.
Letter from the Duke of Westminster supporting b4rn 
Letter of support from Eric Ollerenshaw MP for our area, click on image to make image bigger:
eric letter

Hugh Bonneville from Downton Abbey tweeted this:
hugh bonneville tweet

this is a tweet from the Vice-President of the European Commission, Neelie Kroes.
neelie kroes tweet

tweets b4rn
 David Isenberg tweet for b4rn
andy bold and mike pye tweets
della tweet

ian aspin tweet#b4rn quote from twitter via @shiftctrlesc

The Countryside Alliance welcomes the launch of B4RN. We all know how important a fast and reliable broadband connection is in rural areas and community initiatives such as B4RN will ensure they are not left behind economically or socially. We wish them the best of luck for the future and will be doing all we can to promote this exciting initiative” 

Simon Hamlyn Northern Regional Director

Videos: Video from Andrew Stott, Google gigabit city, Trefor Davies, Letter from the Duke of Westminster and footage of the first rural fibre dig by farmers.

@Baskers video supporting B4RN:

"The B4RN project is ambitious. There are few FTTH community owned, built, operated and managed projects in the world; yet those that there are have shown that vision and effort = multimegabit networks that deliver much more to the end users than just numbers".
On receipt of the "B4RN is go!!" press release:
"Was there ever any doubt?!" James Enck,  Eurotelcoblog

Outstanding!!   You gol!!   We have got to come visit you guys.... As I think you know, we are up and running with 26 miles of fiber.    Connected our first customer at the end of August two days before Hurricane Irene hit!  Our first customer had to be evacuated when her house was flooded and all roads were cut....nevertheless she was back home and our network was back up in three days!    We now have 110 subs connected and we're putting 8 - 10 new ones per week.  We just closed our second round of financing--all from local folks.  Our goal was $150 - $200k but we got $340k--a very nice surprise!!" Tim and Leslie Nulty, ECfiber, Vermont, USA 

I am not surprised that with the launch announcement the total number of those interested just within the first target area has now reached over 86% and so the complete total is now well over the top.
Well done everybody !

What you have perhaps overlooked is that your valuable volunteer workforce will be spending all their efforts directly on benefitting the enterprise and none of it will be wasted on fruitless negotiations with Public Service Agencies and complying with their regulatory requirements.

I do hope you can collect sufficient funds very rapidly to allow the project to start on the practicalities immediately in the New Year.

Did I hear somebody say "Let's dig for Victory ?" This is just as important for the current situation, both for the Lune Valley and as the first major example for the whole of the Country, our County Councils and BDUK.


On Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 9:07 PM, Ed Mayo wrote:
I hope your grand launch tomorrow goes very well. Good luck for this. With very best wishes
Ed (Mayo)
Secretary General
Co-operatives UK

Dec 15th
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December 16th/17th
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