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How you can help

Home is where the B4RN is
 Go the extra mile. Because we are worth IT. Ask yourself whatcan I do......? Everyone in this community has a role to play and you would be surprised at the skills we require to progress each stage of this project. Even making tea for the digger drivers will be welcome once we reach that stage. After all, it will be one of your neighbours driving! 
go the extra mile

The easiest job that all of us can do is to talk to our friends, neighbours, family and colleagues about the project. For those without easy access to the Internet (a problem B4RN intends to solve!), you can help to share the information and to answer any questions they may have which can be found here on this website. Or tell them to contact the team at 

We have added a range of fliers, stickers, and posters in the marketing and promo section which you can print out and display in your car, tractor, house, shop, pub, etc. Every little helps and each and every person who registers an interest is 1 more towards the target that B4RN needs to succeed.

Photo courtesy of Lowgill Primary school children
If there are questions you have which need answering, please do not hesitate to ask. Others may have the same question too. There are many answers here..... FAQs

Landowners & Farmers

A dramatic reduction of costs can be achieved by installing small plastic ducts and fibre over farmland, and engaging the community in doing so. We have 250,000 metres to dig in and you can help to construct the network - full training will be provided if required and payment will be made in shares or wages.  

Our research locally shows that the vast majority of landowners we have spoken to are willing to grant free easements to allow the installation of the network across land, rather than using the far more expensive option of the highways. 

Job Opportunities

There will be both voluntary and paid work. We will give preference to local people prepared to take shares in B4RN of an equivalent value to the work done rather than wages during the first 12 months. Only as a last resort will we bring in effort from outside; we really do want to upskill this community, provide employment and keep shareholder's money within Bowland. Once the network build is completed, we will move to a regular payment model.

We will need stone wallers to take down and then replace gaps in walls through which we can route the ducts. There will be a need to train up at least four members with an industry standard City and Guilds qualification in fibre install and fusion splicing. We will need people to help with clerical and administrative duties and, of course, technical support. 

Read the business plan

We urge you to read the business plan so that you are certain that your investment will be as safe as it possibly can be. For those wishing to support the project by subscribing to a service, or by helping build the network, the business plan should include all the information you will need to convince you that B4RN could be a fantastic route to achieving next generation connectivity. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 

What to do now

Fill in the form, indicate your skills, whether you will be interested in shares and/or a service, and sign up to the newsletter so you can hear how you can help the project. Every little helps!


Come to the Parish Meetings to find out more:
  • Wennington 1st September      Wennington School, 7.00pm
  • Arkholme   5th September    Arkholme Village Hall 6.30pm
  • Over Wyresdale   7th September    Abbeystead Village Hall 7.30pm
  • Quernmore   8th September   Quernmore Methodist Hall 7.30pm
  • Littledale      8th September   (combined with Quernmore)
  • Tatham     12th September  Lowgill School 7pm
  • Young Farmers 19th September Wray Institute 7.30pm
  • Melling 20th September (Parish Broadband) Institute 8pm
  • Wray 27th September Institute 7pm