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Home is where the B4RN is
This is a community-wide, co-operative, and collaborative initiative to do the job once, and do it right.
Being a "community benefit society" means that the assets are locked down and cannot be sold off to an outside interest in the way that a conventional companys could. This means that the time, effort and money that this community will invest to get high quality broadband will be preserved for the benefit of the community and the future generations, not purely to make profits for the shareholders.

How you can help: B4RN, by this approach, can use the many skills available in this area to succeed. Every person can play their part, whether it is digging trenches, administration, marketing, technical support, being trained to blow and splice fibre optics, or even making tea and cakes for the workers - working together we can make all the difference.

Not only can you register an interest in subscribing to the service, or to buy shares, but you can also get involved, hands on, either as a volunteer or as a member of staff when we get to that stage. (See Timeline for details of the proposed project schedule). 

This project needs everyone to pull together to show that other rural communities can do this too.

Find out what you can do here:

How you can help

Win a prize, dig a trench, connect your neighbour buy a share. There are so many ways to get involved with B4RN.  Ask if you would like to be involved and are not sure how you could make a difference.

Sitting still and wishing Makes no person great.The Good Lord sends the fishes. But you must dig the bait. Anonymous
The First investor hands over his cheque, Dec 15th 2011
The first #b4rn investment is handed over on Twitpic
photo by @johnpopham

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"Tell me and I'll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I'll understand."

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Quernmore B4RN Presentation 2011
Quernmore meeting at the Methodist rooms

Wennet meeting May 2011
Wennet meeting at Moss House

Low impact mole ploughing, done by local farmers in May 2009 to lay and light
 the first rural fibre to the home in the parish of Wray UK.

Digital Inclusion for everyone

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