Ben Riva - Research

Currently working for curv. Previously worked for Google, completed my Ph.D. at Tel Aviv University, advised by Prof. Ran Canetti, and was a post-doctoral researcher at BIU Crypto group, hosted by Prof. Benny Pinkas and Prof. Yehuda Lindell.

Email: ...@... See my Linkedin profile for a longer CV.

Research Interests: Applied Cryptography and Computer Security.

Projects I've been working on:

Verifiable Computation

  1. Practical Delegation of Computation using Multiple Servers. Ran Canetti, Ben Riva and Guy N. Rothblum. CCS 11. (Code is here.)

  2. Two Protocols for Delegation of Computation. Ran Canetti, Ben Riva and Guy N. Rothblum. ICITS 12.

  3. Verifiable Computation with Two or More Clouds (short abstract). Ran Canetti, Ben Riva and Guy N. Rothblum. IBM's Workshop on Cryptography and Security in Clouds.

  4. Refereed Delegation of Computation. Ran Canetti, Ben Riva and Guy N. Rothblum. Information and Computation (volume 226).

Electronic Voting

  1. Bare-Handed Electronic Voting with Pre-processing. Ben Riva and Amnon Ta-Shma. EVT 07 and WOTE 07.

  2. A New Implementation of a Dual (Paper and Cryptographic) Voting System. Jonathan Ben-Nun, Niko Farhi, Morgan Llewellyn, Ben Riva, Alon Rosen, Amnon Ta-Shma and Douglas Wikstrom. EVOTE 12.

  3. Visit for information about the system and previous elections. See also some media coverage.

Secure Computation

  1. Salus: A System for Server-Aided Secure Function Evaluation. Seny Kamara, Payman Mohassel and Ben Riva. CCS 12.

  2. Garbled Circuits Checking Garbled Circuits: More Efficient and Secure Two-Party Computation. Payman Mohassel and Ben Riva. CRYPTO 13.

  3. Non-Interactive Secure Computation Based on Cut-and-Choose. Arash Afshar, Payman Mohassel, Benny Pinkas and and Ben Riva. EUROCRYPT 14.

  4. Cut-and-Choose Yao-Based Secure Computation in the Online/Offline and Batch Settings. Yehuda Lindell and Ben Riva. CRYPTO 14.

  5. Richer Efficiency/Security Trade-offs in 2PC. Vladimir Kolesnikov, Payman Mohassel, Ben Riva and Mike Rosulek. TCC 15.

  6. Blazing Fast 2PC in the Offline/Online Setting with Security for Malicious Adversaries. Yehuda Lindell and Ben Riva. CCS 15.

  7. Efficient Server-Aided 2PC for Mobile Phones. Payman Mohassel, Ostap Orobets and Ben Riva. PETS 16.


  1. Nerus: Vulnerability Mitigation Via OS-Aided, Self-Imposed Restrictions. Ran Canetti, Itay Itzhaki and Ben Riva. Manuscript. (A prototype is available here.)

External Reviewer:

Communications of the ACM, ACM Transactions on Information and System Security, CCS, ESORICS, Journal of Cryptography, CRYPTO, EUROCRYPT, ASIACRYPT, PKC, TCC.

Courses TA'ed (at TAU):

Workshop in Electronic Voting - Fall 10

Workshop in Computer Security - Fall 10, Spring 10

Software Project - Spring 10, Fall 09, Spring 09