Welcome to Skeletonians!

What started as an element for another sculpture assignment has gained a life of its own! These are skeletons, for sure, but they are captured doing very warm, human, and loving activities. From yoga to ballet, playing with the kids to delicate skeletal structures, these highly-detailed miniatures will bring life back from the other side. Poke around and thanks for stopping by!

Handcrafted with love!

Sculpted by hand, cast in pewter, and many standing at a proud 2" tall, each and every Skeletonian varies in tiny ways. Anatomically precise and perfectly balanced, these guys are guaranteed--if nothing else--to amuse. "Skeletal Structure 2" won best 3-D piece in show at the juried Ohio Arts League show in 2009! Check out our products page or contact us if you have an idea for what these guys should be doing next!

Join the fun!

From the moment this collection has been released, it's been wildly popular. From giggles over what these skeletons are doing (and we've done some custom work that might raise an eyebrow here and there) and the poses they strike, to small sighs from the poignancy of these human moments, Skeletonians make The perfect gift, office decoration, and conversation starter.