Welcome to the home of B-3 Fine Art featuring the work of 
Sculptor Berhle W. Hubbuch III.

"I am primarily a realistic artist; I attempt to capture the beauty of natural forms in which true artistry resides."

With over 30 years of sculpting & jewelrysmithing experience, Behrle has worked in a variety of scales and materials.  This ranges from life-sized bronze figurative sculptures to minuscule, accurately rendered, equine forms.  No two pieces are exactly alike.  Each piece is cast in sterling silver, gold or bronze using the ages old lost wax method.  

A talented sculptor as well as award winning jeweler, Behrle has numerous bronze commissions to his credit.  His work has been collected by top international riders and equine enthusiasts throughout the country.  

                The Classical Collection Fine Equine Jewelry

Inspired by the elegance and discipline of the international equesterian sports of show jumping and dressage, 
The Classical Collection by Behrle W. Hubbuch, III is the most distinctive handmade equine jewelry available.  Each piece is truly sculpture - wearable art - depicting down to the last detail the beauty and precision of Olympic level competition.  Every buckle on the double bridle is accurately rendered, every movement technically and anatomically correct.

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Custom Designs

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