Mather Field, U.S. Army Air Forces, WWII

Mather Field was the last stopping point for B-29's headed to the Pacific theater of war, and upon their return.  After Japan surrendered, Operation Sunset saw 653 B-29's pass through Mather Field on their way to various stateside bases (click here for detailed description of Operation Sunset).  About 32 of these are parked on the Mather Field apron (November 1945).  Read a short history of Mather Field (click here), or a book about Mather Field by historians at the Sacramento Library (click here). 

Wing Tips was the base newspaper.  These were read by B-29 crew members while they were in line at the Mather Field overseas deployment processing center (getting immunizations and dental care, filling out forms, etc.) and also on the puddle jump from Mather to Hawaii to the Marianas:

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