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Allows HS3 to control the Bitwise BC4 IR ports. Please note that this plugin is not intended to replace the Bitwise provided plugin for HS2 and it's functionality is very basic. HEX IR commands are supported at this time. There is no built-in IR database or GPIO support.  HS3  Plugin


Monitors the HomeSeerLog.hsd (Sqlite) and creates a text version which can be parsed with tools like BLLogMonitor.  HS3  Plugin


This plugin connects to devices using raw TCP (winsock) and allows scripts to be executed. Examples of use are controlling Denon amplifiers, Globalcache devices etc.

This is not a TELNET or SSH client.
 HS3  Plugin


This plugin allows raw commands to be sent to serial connected devices. A basic scripting interface allows groups of commands  to be issued. A VB.NET scripting interface allows the user to issue more complex command sequences via a VB.NET script.  HS3  Plugin


Monitors the HomeSeerLog.hsd (Sqlite) and forwards any log messages to an external syslog server. Supports multiple syslog  servers.

Upgrading from and lower will require you to delete the config file before enabling the plugin.
 HS3  Plugin


Plugin to read Environment Canada ATOM feed and create Homeseer devices for current and forecast weather that can be used in HSTouch etc.      HS3  Plugin
 Log2SplunkExports device values periodically to a Splunk friendly log file. User chooses the devices and frequency to export.

The file "Logs\Log2Splunk.txt" is created for Splunk to index.
 HS3  Plugin 
 SDCSerial Dry Contact (SDC) allows a serial port to monitor a dry contact, for example a reed switch. It uses the serial port signalling pins. When a signal is raised or lowered, a Homeseer device is set to either 0 or 100 in value. Each serial port can be used for 4 distinct signals / sensors. HS3 Plugin

The change log can be found here.


The plugins provided on this page are free to download and use. Please understand that I do not sell this software and I do not guarantee it will work. Also please be aware that I don't have time to fully support it. If however you find my work of use and would like to donate please use Paypal and send to


The software is supplied “as is” and all use is at your own risk. Support is provided best effort. We accept no responsibility from damage to yourself or your computer that may arise from the installation of the software that is provided on this page. In general terms that means you use the software at your own risk and we accept no responsibility for anything that may occur as a result of you using it. This software is for non-commercial use only.

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