Adult Leader Training Courses
Complete list of all training for adult leaders.

This list gives you the specific courses required (by position) for leaders to take in order to earn the "Trained" patch.

Training Timelines
Some courses only need to be taken once, while other courses need to be retaken periodically.  For example, Youth Protection Training is required every two years. According to BSA policy, these are the timelines for key specific training courses (for more details, click on this link):

Youth Protection—every two years
Safe Swim Defense—every two years
Safety Afloat—every two years

Hazardous Weather—every two years
Physical Wellness—every two years
Trek Safely—every two years
Climb On Safely—every two years

Paddle Craft Safety—every three years
Aquatics Supervision/Swimming and Water Rescue—every three years
BSA Lifeguard—every three years

Trainer’s EDGE—every three years