Resources to help with the rechartering process that takes place in the Fall each year.  Typically, several training classes on rechartering are offered at the Thunderbird District Roundtable (2nd Thursday of every month) prior to the recharter due date.  Watch for information on the Thunderbird District website.  Each unit is given a "recharter packet" (in the Fall)  which contains information and instructions on how to conduct the unit's annual recharter.

Every Scouting unit must recharter with the Boy Scouts of America annually. In our council (GCC), this process begins during the month of September with the distribution of unit charter renewal envelopes. The charter renewal is done online in order to simplify and expedite this process. This is a link to the Grand Canyon Council's Internet Recharter page. Please note: You must use Internet Explorer to complete the Internet Recharter process. However, this process is not compatible with Windows 8 or Internet Explorer 10.

This is to be conducted 30 days prior to the charter renewal date.  Its purpose is to provide a roll call in which each unit member is contacted to determine quality of program received, to follow up on absent and inactive members, to see if everyone is registered, and to invite each member to continue the program for another year.

This performance recognition program for units is evaluated annually at the time of unit recharter.  This page provides information and resources for units working on and evaluating their Journey to Excellence performance.  Additional information on JTE is provided in the recharter packet given out by the Thunderbird District.

These instructions are also provided in the recharter packet each year from the Thunderbird District.