Troop 747 has been busy this year!  Take a look at some of our events:

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Time again for our annual family camp at Lost Dutchman State Park.  Some of the adults and older boys took the long hike from Peralta to First Water while the rest of the Troop (along with some Cubs, Ventures, and Girl Scouts) did other trails near the park.


We participated in the Thunderbird District Fall Camporee which was held at the Pioneer Living History Museum.


One of our favorite places to camp is in the Fossil Creek Wilderness Area.  The weather was perfect for a day by the creek.  This area is full of wildlife, and the crystal clear creek flows from springs further upstream.


Our annual elections are held each year at our Lava Tube Campout.  We camp near the Bismarck Lake Trailhead and hike to the lake on Saturday.  Some of the leaders and older boys did the hike to the summit of Kendrick Peak (10,418 ft) - a strenuous climb (9 miles round trip, elevation gain of about 2600 feet).  On Sunday, we hike the Lava River Cave (1.5 miles round trip) which is an old volcanic lava tube where the temperature is cool even in the summer.

JUNE 2013

Our sixth year at Camp Geronimo.  We had boys doing merit badges, hanging out at Spade Ranch, working on Staff, going on hikes, and doing all sorts of cool stuff for a week in June.

MAY 2013

In order to earn Big G Gold at Camp Geronimo, we have to do a service project at camp.  We went up for a weekend to clean out the old Nature Lodge.

APRIL 2013

We did some hiking along the Arizona Trail near the Gila River and visited the Ray Mine near Mammoth, AZ.

MARCH 2013
We didn't catch any fish at our first fishing derby.  The weather and the fish didn't cooperate, but the boys had fun.  Better luck next year!

Troop 747 welcomed some new Scouts crossing over from Pack 824.


Every January, we have a family camp at Lost Dutchman State Park.  This year, we had our older Scouts hiking the Peralta to First Water Trail (photos here).


Our annual 747 Family Holiday Party was a huge success.  This was the first year to include Troop 747, Crew 2747, and Pack 747.

This year, Troop 747 spent four weekends selling mistletoe at Glendale Glitters.  In order to do this, we had to harvest mistletoe for four weekends as well.  The boys did a tremendous job selling and made lots of money towards Summer Camp.


This has become a tradition for Troop 747.  For the third year in a row, we had a Trunk or Treat at Phoenix Friends Church for the kids in our neighborhood. We had a great turnout from the local community.


Lava Tubes Campout (On Facebook: Album 1, Album 2)
This is one of the other highlights of our year.  We do our annual SPL elections and a few hikes on this trip.  The older boys did the Abineau-Bear Jaw Loop trail while the rest of the Troop did the Bismarck Lake trail.  We finish up with a hike through the Lava River Cave.

JULY 2012

JUNE 2012
Geronimo (Facebook album)
Our week long summer camp.  Always a good time with tons to do and plenty of merit badges to earn.  Hiking, camping, horseback riding, canoeing, swimming...

MAY 2012

Rotating the crews - giving some a break while others keep goingA trick of light and camera speed - can you see 747?
Geronimo Service Project Weekend
The Troop returned to Geronimo the following weekend to complete the required service project for summer camp. This year, the project involved clearing out the ditches on the roadside through camp. ADOT came through and graded all the roads, but we cleared the ditches so that the runoff (from the monsoon storms later in the summer) doesn't destroy the roads.

OA Ordeal (Camp Geronimo)
We had a few of our Scouts participate in the Order of the Arrow ordeal at Camp Geronimo. Some worked as Elangomats and a few were there as new members of the OA.
APRIL 2012

Spring Camporee
We participated in the Spring Camporee hosted by Troop 124 at the Pinal County Fairgrounds. Troop 747 also accepted the spirit stick and the challenge to host Fall Camporee 2012.

Scout O Rama
Once again, Troop 747 participated in the Grand Canyon Council's Scout O Rama event at Tempe Kiwanis Park.  Our booth this year was all about making gourmet s'mores.  It was quite the crowd pleaser.

Pack 926 Crossover
We welcomed some more new members to our Troop from Pack 926.  Steele Indian School Park was a great venue for the event too!
MARCH 2012
Thunderbird District Webelos Crossover
The boys helped out at the Thunderbird District's Webelos Crossover campout at Adobe Mountain Railroad Park.

Some of the boys decided to go out and work on one of the newer merit badges - Geocaching.  We headed out to Papago Park and found some well-hidden caches.


We welcomed new members to our Troop from Pack 262 at their Blue and Gold Banquet.

We started at the Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area and headed North through downtown Phoenix, finishing up at Steele Indian School Park.


Every January, we have a family camp at Lost Dutchman State Park and do some hiking in the Superstitions.


For the first time, Troop 747 had the opportunity to march in the Fiesta Bowl Parade.  It was quite an honor for our boys to carry some of the banners at the start of the parade.

We harvested some mistletoe up North (and got to play in the snow a bit) and then sold the mistletoe at Glendale Glitters for a fund raiser.


Fall Camporee
We attended the Thunderbird District Fall Camporee which was held in Camp Verde this year.


Lava Tubes
One of our annual family camps is in the Coconino Nation Forest just north of Flagstaff.  We go on hikes, work on advancement requirements, hold annual elections, and finish up with a visit to the Lava River Cave.  Good times!

JUNE 2011
Camp Geronimo
Our fourth year at Camp Geronimo during Session 2 at Site 21. Once again, we brought home Big G Gold! The boys earned tons of merit badges and had lots of fun (the adults had fun, too).
MAY 2011
Geronimo Service Project
We tackled a huge project involving redoing the roof of our dining area in Site 21. Thanks to the donations and the adult assistance in getting this project done!