Scouter Resources

Troop 747 is not possible without the help and support of its parents and volunteers.  Thank you for all you do!

MyScouting Portal: Online portal for Scout leader training.  Great resource for adult leaders (Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts).  Sign up for access so you can take online classes such as Youth Protection Training, Committee Fast Start, Trek Safely, and more.  

**PLEASE NOTE**: All adults are required to take Youth Protection Training prior to submitting an adult application.  Once your Youth Protection Training is complete, fill in the certificate of completion, print it out, and attach it to your completed application.

BSA Adult Application: If you are interested in becoming an adult leader with Troop 747, please print and fill out this application and turn it in to our Membership Chair at one of our Troop meetings.  See the note above about Youth Protection Training prior to turning in your application.  (If you are unable to print out the application, paper copies are available at any Troop meeting.)  If you are applying to be a Merit Badge Counselor, please fill out this form and turn it in with your application.  Even if you are already registered as an adult leader with the Troop, you will need to submit a separate adult application for Merit Badge Counselor.