Eagle Scout Resources

Getting started on your Eagle project?  Looking for ideas?  Need ideas for an Eagle Court of Honor?  Check out these resources...

Official Eagle Scout information for Scouts in the Grand Canyon Council area.  For Scouts outside of the Grand Canyon Council area, please refer to your own Council's guidelines for Eagle Scouts or go to BSA's Official Page for Eagle Rank Requirements.

For Your Board of Review
Here are a few helpful pages to assist you in preparing for your Eagle Board of Review: Life Scout MeaningOutdoor CodeScout LawScout Oath

A list of contact information for various important people, government officials, and famous Eagle Scouts so that you can request a congratulatory letter from them.  This is a nice touch to add to any Eagle Scout's Court of Honor.  Plan well in advance as some requests may take time to process.  Please RememberThis is not a race or a contest to see who can get the most letters. Often a few letters are more meaningful than a scrapbook full of letters that ends up on a shelf. Sometimes the best thing is a letter or two from an admired prominent person, a state official like a governor, a local official like a mayor, and letters from local prominent people that the Scout knows or who know the Scout.

This is a great collection of links to resources for Eagle Scouts.  It includes ideas for Courts of Honor and information about famous Eagle Scouts.

All kinds of Eagle Scout projects that have been done in the past (over 600 of them!).

Official website for the National Eagle Scout Association.  This site includes the NESA application and information on scholarships for Eagle Scouts.

We have a tradition of reading this Eagle Scout Mom poem at our Eagle Courts of Honor.

This is another poem that we have used for past Eagle Courts of Honor (mentions Mom, Dad, and sister).

This is a fun song that was performed at the LDS Church's "Legacy of Honor" presentation in October 2013.  It celebrates the importance of Mom and her role in helping a boy earn his Eagle.