Annual Planning

These are some resources that will help with the Troop's annual planning in August.  Some of these are specific to Troop 747 while others are more generic.

Official BSA information on how to conduct a successful annual program planning session.

Generally speaking, it is helpful to have the following information prior to your planning session (for links specific to Troop 747, go to the bottom of this page) :
  1. Key school dates, like holidays and exams
  2. Community event dates
  3. The chartered organization's key dates
  4. Personal dates that may affect the troop's activities
  5. Key district and council dates
  6. Data collected from the Troop Resources Survey
  7. Last year's troop annual plan, if you have one
  8. Troop priorities and goals
  9. Scouts' advancement records
  10. General outline of next year's program
If you are looking for planning ideas with a specific skill focus, use this guide to help you plan.  These are mostly for use in PLC meeting planning, but may be helpful for Annual Program Planning as well.

    Volume I: Includes Aquatics, Athletics, Backpacking, Boating/Canoeing, Business, Camping, Citizenship, Communications, Cooking (basic), Cultural                                 Awareness, Emergency Preparedness, and Engineering
    Volume II: Includes Environment, First Aid, Fishing, Forestry, Health Care, High Adventure, Hiking, Hobbies, Leadership, Mechanics, Nature,                                             and Orienteering
    Volume III: Includes Physical Fitness, Pioneering, Public Service, Safety, Science, Shooting, Special Cooking (dutch oven, etc.),                                                             Sports, Tracking, Wilderness Survival, Wildlife Management, Winter Camping

Troop 747 Resources:

Troop 747 Calendar (print out the calendar from the previous year and for the upcoming year)
Grand Canyon Council Calendar (select Thunderbird District from the drop down list to see District events)