Link to the online Internet Advancement page on the Grand Canyon Council site.  A Unit ID and password are required for access.

Everything there is to know about advancement in BSA.

Role of the Advancement Chair (Grand Canyon Council)
Written by Ed Schuman (GCC Advancement Committee) in 2012, this gives some great tips and guidelines for the Troop Advancement Chair.  Includes best practices for Troop advancement and preparations for Camp Geronimo.

Board of Review Guidelines (Grand Canyon Council)
Another great document from Ed Schuman, this provides guidelines and instructions for conducting a Board of Review at the unit level.

Summary of all of the rank advancements and awards available to youth in BSA.

Scouts and merit badge counselors may use this card to keep track of completed requirements for specific merit badges.  The card provided includes Troop 747 information.  Please Note: The card does not need to be printed on blue paper.

Merit Badge Worksheets
Links to worksheets for the 120+ different Merit Badges available through BSA (all available in PDF format).  If this site is not working, here is an alternate site to visit:

Official BSA summary of the merit badge program (includes links to descriptions and resources available for each of the merit badges offered).

In order to become a merit badge counselor for the Troop, an adult application must be filled out and turned in with this form.  You may specify on the form if you would like to be a counselor for the Troop only or for other Scouts in the District.

Interested in becoming a merit badge counselor for the Troop?  Already registered as a merit badge counselor, but not sure what to do now?  Curious about the latest and greatest merit badges from BSA?  This is the resource for you!

To be completed annually (or as new adult leaders join the Troop).  This tool is used to determine what resources the Troop has available through the adult leaders in the unit.

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