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Project Update (as of 04/25/11)

posted May 3, 2011, 3:02 PM by Caleb Aguirre   [ updated May 8, 2011, 10:01 PM ]
    Our board has been powered up successfully. This was after we had identifyied a few installation errors, some which led us to visit the assembler for minor re-assembly. Pins on the transceiver were in need of soldering. The DB9 connector were also soldered to the board and communication with the processor has been established ("Read part ID successfully"). Wires were also soldered to establish communication with the RFID module RS232 connection and Reset Switch. After all of this, the first test program has been loaded to set some of the bluetooth I/O pins low.
    An incomplete setup of the Yagarto toolchain was found and setup. The processor's GPIO registers are up and running correctly. The processor's Phase-Locekd Loop is also working based on the GPIO "wiggling" frequency, but further testing is still needed. Initial tests of reading and writing to the SDRAM are working, but further tests are still needed.
    The RFID module has been soldered to a breakout board with pin headers. The chip was powered successfully and a signal was read from pins 8,9, and 10.
    In regards to the bluetooth module, we were able to enter COMMAND MODE which allows for the programming of the module. PuTTy was used to communicate with the module. A laptop is now able to detect and program the module through a bluetooth connection.