Differences and Similarities


  • Inca's empire was more vast than the Aztec
  • Inca's method of communication was more advanced with the creation of a runner system who carried messages to their capital and other areas within the empire.
                Fun Fact: Inca roadrunner
                            To be a 'mailman' within the Inca Empire was considered a specialized                                profession. Inca roadrunners carried mail, news, and orders all across the                             Empire and if it was discovered that a message was not accurate or not                                sent, punishment was severe.
  • The locations were in different areas - Inca lived in the Andes Mountains and Aztec resided in the Mexico Valley.
  • Inca used quipus for documentation and Aztec used codex.
               What is a quipus and what is a codex?
                            "A quipu is essentially a group of wool and cotton strings tied together. Quipus were a tool used by the                                 Inca empire to communicate some kinds of information throughout the Inca Empire."
                            "Aztec codex' contained of used form of writing that consisted of pictorial representations painted on bark                             paper and animal hides. There are three main types of codex: historical accounts, ritual almanacs,and                                 tribute records."


  • Both Incas and Aztecs participated in human sacrifices
  • Both had very developed civilization
  • Both were conquered by Spain. (Aztec by Herman Cortes, Inca by Francisco Pizarro)
  • Both believed in idols (polygamy)
  • Both depended on agriculture
  • Both believed and worshiped a sun god