Welcome to the Gold Wing Road Riders Association Arizona District Ride Planning Website - a "one stop" site for planning rides in Arizona. It is available to anyone who wishes to make use of it. 

While our present list of Destinations and Points of Interest Sites is pretty extensive, we are sure there are many more in Arizona that should be included as part of this Website. We encourage all Arizona GWRRA Chapters and their members to contribute sites of their own for inclusion. Any additional information for Buttercup's Restaurants would also be useful. Any photos of the various sites that are improvements over those on this Website would be appreciated. Please contact Chuck Donaldson at donaldson7709@gmail.com to make any suggestions or additions you think should be added to the mix.  

So, what makes Arizona such a special place?

Well, for starters, it's never boring. In the space of just a few miles a road can go from super highway to scenic byway, the environment from desert to alpine forest, and the critters from road runners and coyotes to eagles and elk. These dramatic and sudden changes in elevation, in environment, and in road conditions are the rule in Arizona, not the exception.

For purposes of Ride Planning, it is helpful to divide the State into three regions:

To the north we have the Colorado Plateau. It encompasses one third of Arizona and ranges in elevation from 5,000’ to over 13,000’. A generally flat area interrupted by mesas, cliffs, chasms, and canyons, it’s one of the most interesting and beautiful geologic regions in the world. In just one day you can ride among the pine and aspen forests in the mountains north of Flagstaff, through the high desert of the reservation lands, and experience the breathtaking beauty of the Grand Canyon. 

The Central Arizona region runs diagonally through the middle third of the state and includes everything from Sonoran Desert environments to pine- and aspen-covered mountain peaks that soar to elevations of 9000' and more. This region was the wild and wooly west we've all read about. Visits to towns like Prescott and Jerome will evoke images of miners, ranchers and gunfights in the streets. In places like Fort Apache and Camp Verde you'll swear you can hear the voices of the soldiers and their Indian scouts as they ride out to defend the settlers.

Southern Arizona, which was first settled by the Spanish in 1752, manages to gracefully combine the flavor of Old Mexico with the hustle and bustle of modern living. It is also a study in scenic contrasts: from its high Sonoran Desert to mountains that rise so abruptly that they're referred to as "Sky Islands". You can visit old missions, old mining towns, old forts, and when you get to Nogales, Old Mexico. Whatever your riding pleasure, you will find it here.

The bottom line is that the entire state, from border to border, has Motorcyclist written all over it.

To begin planning your rideopen the Arizona Ride Map page in the Navigation Panel to the left and select the site or sites you wish to visit. This document is a PDF that can be downloaded, as are the Arizona Destinations and Points of Interests, Buttercup's Restaurants and Things to Remember When Riding in Arizona PDFs. To download, click on the downward pointing arrow near the bottom of that page. 

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