Since 1988, AREA exists to provide information and resources related to motorcycle safety instruction and rider education and training within Arizona.

As an alternative to the motorcycle skills test, you may take a Motorcycle Rider Course® offered by MVD authorized schools at several locations throughout Arizona. The Certificate 

of Completion you will receive when you successfully complete the course may  the requirement to take the knowledge and skill tests at MVD. 

Students in the BRC2 - License Waiver course must possess a currently valid Instruction permit before riding their motorcycle to the course. The MSF's Advanced RiderCourse is not valid as a license waiver course.

Rider Education within Arizona is provided by privately run, state licensed motorcycle rider training schools. The State does not provide, nor subsidize, any forms of motorcycle rider training.

ADOT-MVD's role in Arizona's rider training is to ensure that state laws governing driver/rider license preparation training schools and instructors are maintained. MVD periodically checks to be sure that all licensed schools comply with all rules pertaining to the issuance of license waiver certificates of completion.

Arizona does have a Motorcycle Safety Fund. This fund is supplied via the one dollar charge which is added to the registration fee of every motorcycle registered in Arizona. The disbursement of this fund is managed by the Governor's Office of Highway Safety, advised by the State Motorcycle Safety Advisory Committee.