Photographing Azores Islands: Where to Find Perfect Spots on São Miguel island? PDF file.


Azores archipelago is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, about 2000 km off the coast of continental Europe. It takes 2 hours flight to get there from Portugal and 4 hours to fly from Northern America.

This is a kind of “forgotten land”. It is hard to find mass tourism there, the sort of tourism we know from the other places. The Azores are all about the untouched beauty, nature, peace and above all tranquility so difficult to encounter nowadays. People are extremely friendly and helpful.

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Please send an email to . I will send you a number of a bank account to transfer 10 EUR.

Azores is a photographer´s paradise due to rapidly changing weather and perfect photographic conditions, even in the middle of the day. The locals used to say that it is possible to experience 4 seasons in one day: from 25ºC sunny moments to near 0ºC cold wind with clouded skies.

The temperatures all year round are almost the same. One can expect temperatures from 16 to 23ºC. Best time to arrive is from September to May.


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How the guide in organized?

The guide includes 30 unique locations on the largest island of the Azores Archipelago: São Miguel.

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About the author of the guide. How to contact the author?

Maciej Hermann is a Polish born award-winning photographer who has been living in Portugal for the last 21 years.

Dozens of trips to São Miguel Island on the Azores archipelago and his love for photography and adventure resulted in the birth of this guide.

In 2012 he was awarded a first price in the photographic contest organized by the AFAA (Associação de Fotógrafos Amadores dos Açores/Association of Amateur Photographers of the Azores).

In 2011 some on his works received an honorable mention “Clic Açores” Photography Contest promoted by the Regional Government in 2011 and were published in a book “Azores, where Europe reaches furthest”.

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This guide is intended for photographers of all skill levels, starting from curious tourists throughout intermediate photographers up to professionals. The guide might be a perfect solution for people who are unfamiliar with the area and who want to achieve as much as possible during the limited time they spend on the islands.

There are GPS coordinates for all locations to save your time while looking for the spot.

Instead of hiring local guides use this guide. It will show you a way of getting shots you'd never have access to otherwise. Instead of wasting the precious time of your holidays on endless searching for inspiring spots, resort to the guide, it will help you in finding out places you normally would not have the opportunity to see. Knowing the photo locations before you leave home gives you time to properly prepare and plan your excursion.