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Well I'm not that obessed over dramas as some other people I know or have seen in forums O_O but anyways I'm starting this site to give people access to movies and dramas and give people the ability to see the differences in cultures which they might have never been exposed to before. I admit though through the dramas I have seen I have cried a few times as well as laughed plenty with the stoyline and its given me this desire for others to share the joys and pains that I've felt through watching the drama's. Also it'll help anyone trying to learn an asian language as I currently am. Currently I've seen Mars, Devil Beside you, Love Contract, It started with a Kiss, and 1 Litre of Tears. Perhaps the most moving thing about these tv shows is that if gives you a sense of what life is like in the day to day settings of life in these asian cultures. I'll be moving to china this summer for college in China and I've always wanted to live in asia so I'm extremely excited and overjoyed at the experience. Check out the shows yourself and see what I see as heartmoving.

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March 27th

Added silence to chinese dramas, going to add peach girl soon, moved all chinese dramas into a new catagory of taiwanese dramas

Started up a site connected to this, because I'm learning chinese for when I'm going to china so might as well try posting up some of the info I found on the web

March 20th

Right now I'm working on completing the Chinese Drama Section

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