--- 9 Jan 2008, 4PM --- Dan In Real Life ---

Dan (Steve Carell, from the Evan Almighty fame), a widowed father of three girls is a newspaper columnist. As the family decides to leave home for the weekend and spend it with the extended family at a reunion, things begin to spice up. Dan, is still basically depressed from his wife's death a few years prior, is sent out away from the home to give his family some space. While in town, he meets a beautiful stranger and begins to fall in love with her. He manages to get her number, despite her leaving rather hurriedly after her boyfriend calls. Dan returns home, where it is revealed that his current love interest is none other than his brother girlfriend. The rest of the film explores Dan and Marie's suppressed interest in each other.

I really like this movie coz I feel that the 2 main characters really showcased their good acting skills. Most of it of being in awkward situations. I really felt how Dan was still coping with the death of his late wife, the struggle of bringing up his 3 daughters, the light he saw when he met the stranger and the awkwardness in the situations he got himself into during the family games and confrontations.

Great movie for anyone to watch, but more for the adults.

My Overall Ratings : 8/10. Superb acting and nice movie.


--- 9 Jan 2008, 4PM --- The Darjeeling Limited ---

I Did not know what this movie is all about and I did not even watch the trailer prior to catching this show. Putri said it was good, and I saw that Owen Wilson was starring, so.. why not.

This movie is about 3 brothers, on an unusual journey through rural India to find their mother who had left them and became a nun. The journey started on a train ride on the Darjeeling Limited (a Train company) with 3 brothers meeting and the eldest (Owen Wilsion) describing them what this journey was about. The other 2 brothers thought it was just a "spiritual journey" but learnt that their Eldest Brother wants them to meet their mother, as a surprise.

The entire journey was road-blocked by several funny hiccups and life-threatening (and saving) events. I find the movie more of an artistic movie, since I feel that the picture focused more on the cinematography elements. But still it does add to the story and the feel of this movie. Its basically a movie about people trapped in themselves and what it takes to get free—a movie, quite literally, about letting go of your baggage. It has a simple, light and laid-back script with a few funny scenes and sibling rivalry that comes and go.

If you are into a bit of drama + comedy + artistic movies, this is the one to catch. Although ticket prices here is a bit high, I suggest to catch it on a weekday.. a great way to let off the after-work steam. Just to relax and watch a story on screen.

My Overall Rating : 7/10. Laid back movie.


--- 1 Jan 2008, 12PM --- Body #19 ---

Ah, the first movie that I catch in the new year and it had to be a Thai Horror Movie. haha!

This storyline is deep! If you want to watch this, better watch it without having your hands in-front of your face and I'll guarantee you will enjoy it. heh.. Thai horror movies are still the best man! Japanese ones are ok.. but Thai ones rocks!

But don't be expecting a fast-paced storyline coz I feel the director focused a lot more on the Cinematography shots than the storyline itself. There are a lot (and I mean A LOT!) of slow, matrix-like scenes in this flick so I recommend you not to watch this if you are tired. I almost dozed off while Putri did for a while.. till I scared her when I got a shock during one scary scene. haha!

The storyline was a bit confusing in the end, but it the story will explain itself during the last few moments. Recommended movie! Watch during Midnight screenings! FUN!

Overall Ratings: 8/10. Great movie! Would be better if the pace wasn't so slow!


--- 1 Jan 2008, 12PM --- Movie: Aliens vs Predator 2 ---

The last show I watched for the year 2007.

I did not expect this movie to be released so early. heh.. anyway this movie follows from the first AVP (Aliens vs Predators) and started off with an alien infecting a predator's body, while under observation on a predator ship. Alien got out of predator's body, all hell breaks loose, all predators on the ship got killed and the ship crashes to Earth, landing near a small US town (must it be US?). Alien survives the crash and begins infecting a nearby town. Another predator in space got a mayday message from the first ship and came to the rescue. But only alone.

I felt that eventhough this movie is way much more better than a almost no-dialogue AVP1 and so the very dark fighting scenes, this movie fails to deliver its own title. Its ALIENS vs PREDATORS. NOT ALIENS vs PREDATORS vs HUMANS. Get the drift?

The humans were actually the main cast in this movie. They have more screen-time than the 2 visitors and the storyline revolves around them too much to have this movie named after the title. But the action on screen were entertaining enough for an alien invasion flick.

But it would have been better if there are more Predators rather than just a lone Predator trying to eradicate the Alien infestations. Even a primary school kid can do the math that one Predator can't stand to win amongst the many Aliens that has already infested and multiplied in the town. I actually like the predators rather than the aliens coz I have watched all the predator movies but not one alien movie. heh.. I find the predators more cool than the dumb aliens. haha!

All-in-all, its great to watch with or without friends but just don't be expecting too much before you step into the movie.

OVERALL RATINGS: 6/10. Entertaining enough, but... if they add more predators, could have saved the movie more.


--- 1 Jan 2008, 12PM --- Movie: I Am Legend ---

Ahh,... one of the movies that I have been waiting for. Starring Will Smith, my fav. actor.

This flick, although almost a similar storyline with the likes of other Zombie movies like Resident Evil and 28 Days later, shows a bit different perspective. Instead of having someone to be at your side or having skills to fend for your own survival, this movie shows a Military Scientist trying to find a cure for a virus that was meant to cure cancer, some 3 years ago. This virus presumably wiped out the entire world population, leaving him alone with his dog trying to find the answer of the cure from his own blood. His blood is somehow immune to the virus.

<< try to catch a "superman vs batman poster" in the movie. cool! (its juz a movie joke)

It shows how Robert Neville (Will Smith) survives through the 3 years in the empty urban areas, hiding in a well-protected house, avoiding dark areas, staying alive at night, how he goes about finding food and broadcasting radio messages to anyone out there who may have survived. It also shows how the 3 years of him living alone, makes him hunger for human-to-human communications until it almost drives him mad. Even through all these tasks, he still finds time each day to find the cure for the virus in his built-in lab at the basement of his hideout.

Although the plot wasn't that deep and in my own opinion is just a movie showcasing how it feels to be alone in the world, trying to find an answer that is literally been inside of him, in an event of such a catastrophe.

I did enjoyed this movie a lot coz it shows a real life event rather than some other zombie movies with senseless violence. Recommended to watch any day of the week, any price. You won't be dissapointed.

Overall RATINGS: 8.5/10. Entertaining, brings you into his world. But storyline is a bit flat.


--- 25 Dec 2007, 12PM -- Movie: NT: Book of Secrets ---

Since Putri and Me loves to see puzzle or treasure hunting related movies, this movie was a must watch for us.

This movie follows after the first movie installation with all the "good guys" from the first movie starring in this one too. This flick is very enjoyable, I should say... since during every minute of the movie, Putri and me will be on the edge of our seats thinking of what will happen next. But I have to say, the mystery and suspense wasn't as good as the first movie, because the storyline in this one is rather confusing. Not confusing as in you can't follow the storyline but in a way that the monuments or artifacts that were found or the way they are hidden are a bit nonsensical and unbelievable. The 1st movie was better at this, since it was more believable and I actually believed in some of them! haha...

But if you are after some Sherlock Holmes-cum-Treasure hunting movie fun, this would satisfy you enough.l Maybe catch it on a weekday instead of a weekend to get better ticket price.

Overall Ratings: 6.5/10. Enjoyable, but not as much as the first movie.


--- 25 Dec 2007, 12PM --- Movie: Good Luck Chuck ---

I caught this movie together with National Treasure, back-to-back. This romantic-comedy flick has a good mixture of laughable humor and erm.. 'sexual scenes", since it WAS an R(A) rated movie.

By watching the Movie trailer before watching this show, I did not understand what was the "good luck charm" all about. It was about this guy who was hexed when he was young due to a childhood "tragedy". From young till now, this hex or curse left him unable to have any girlfriends and the ones he dates with will be marrying the next guy the girl meets. All of them. So, that made Chuck, a good luck charm.

He was willing to be that "charm" until he met the girl of his dreams (Jessica Alba) and that's where the 'fun' begins. Together with his Boob-addicted boob doctor and childhood friend, the movie has a great deal of laughter but the ending was a tad predictable. However, I still enjoyed the entire movie. Nice relaxing movie to watch.

Ratings: 7/10. Funny & Enjoyable.


--- 02 Dec 2007, 4:30PM --- Movie: Hitman ---

This movie is entirely based on the hit game series of the same name. Although I, myself did not play this game, I have seen my brother playing it for hours and mesmerized by the stunning graphics and rag-doll game physics.

There are some scenes in this flick that follows the game's cinematic movements and cinematography like the short part where Agent 47 walks into the Restaurant and there are some parts which I can't recall.

Do you know who was the original main role as Agent 47? No other than the original xXx man himself, Vin Diesel. But he turned down the part and worked as the film's Executive Producer. I would have to agree on that part, coz I think that Vin Diesel is a bit "fat" for this role. Timothy Olyphant (the bad guy in Die Hard 4.0), fits the figure but looks a bit childish with his bald head. I dunno why.. maybe its just me. What's more, the Agent47 in the game has a more menacing look than the movie one.

The Plot is a confusing and the storyline is a bit too fast and predictable especially in the starting and middle range. Sometimes, you can't even hear what the actors are saying and blam! it's the next scene already.

But I did like the part where 3 other different agents fought with Agent47 using 2x Samurai Swords each. Yes, 3 other agents from the same "organization". I told you the plot is confusing.

It's more of a guy-geek flick.. especially those who played the game before and know a bit of this Agent's history. Only then.. you may enjoy the movie.. ( i did say "MAY").

Overall Rating: 5.5/10. Still watchable. Don't expect too much if you really want to watch it.


--- 02 Dec 2007, 4PM --- Movie: The Heartbreak Kid ---

This movie, is one of those typical comedy, romantic (ok lah, not so romantic) films that is oh-so-common already.

It does have it's funny moments but most of the funny ones are already shown in the trailer itself. So it kind of spoils the movie a bit. However, I did like the funny part on the 4 Mexican Musicians that will irritate Eddie (Ben Stiller) on several occasions. I find this event quite a relevant issue that happens all over the world: i.e. to give tips to these kind of prowling musicians and they will follow you more and more.

Nevertheless, this couple flick is a good and interesting movie to watch to waste away your weekend or evening away. It's rated R(A) though, with all those *cough*rough-sex*cough* and naked scenes. But that's all to it.

If you really want to watch it, watch it during the weekdays when the tix are a bit cheaper. heh.. Though.. I didn't expect the ending to be like that. haha..

Overall Ratings: 5/10. Not too good. Not too bad.


--- 24 Nov 2007, 2AM --- Movie: Enchanted ---

Before I entered the Movie Theater to watch this show, I had doubts that it will keep me entertained for long. Well, since I had this dislike about Disney "Family" Shows being too soft and having a lot of Singing (this makes me cringe a bit, especially in Cartoons). I'm weird man!

Like the trailers shown.. the storyline was already quite predictable. As always, by Disney. The storyline can be predicted by watching the trailers. But anyhoos, the show won my heart despite my 'bias' with Disney. haha.

The show started out simple, as typical as Disney cartoons, a damsel longing for that Prince Charming to come and rescue her and with the ability to talk to animals (and it seems like the animals are her ONLY friends). So, Prince charming came along, rescued her and wanted to marry her immediately (haha!) but she was tricked by the step-mom of the Prince and was cast away into the present day New York.

She fumbled her way into a New Yorker and his daughter, caused modern day chaos but still have the ability to talk to animals.. in this case.. household pests. Her real prince, together a squirrel and his sidekick came to our world in a bid to rescue her but the evil step-mom was on their heels as well.

So in the end.. well.. ermm.. something else happens and they all lived happily ever after. What happened? Well, go watch the movie to find out yourself. heh...

I did like the part in the part where Giselle (the damsel) began to Sing in the park with beautifully choreographed dances and matching costumes (yes, this I appreciate.. not cartoon types.. I told you I'm weird!). The actress' voice fit her character coz of her really strong and beautiful voice as the damsel.

The hero (the prince), although good-looking was a bit blur and gullible. I find the squirrel a bit annoying. The Prince's sidekick has an unpredictable ending and the queen (step-mom) has a strong character but little screen-time. The finale.. well.. it was quite short, as to say. The finale disappointed me a little.

Overall, I did like the movie.. it was worth the last few bucks that were in our wallet at that time. Its something refreshing by Disney coz it's not everyday you see Disney poking themselves at the jibes and clichés found in almost every Fairy Tale story they ever created.

Finally, a Disney Movie worth watching, even though you are not a kid.

RATINGS: 7/10. Not Bad Disney.. keep it up.


-- 10 Nov 2007, 3PM -- Show Review: Wangi Jadi Saksi --

On Deepavali, Putri & Me, watched a show at the Esplanade entitled "Wangi Jadi Saksi". Its basically a story about the legendary Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat, in their final battle together, but seen through the eyes of Hang Jebat's Wife/Fiancee (I dun know much abt the history of this couple). It's a bit different story from the normal Hang Tuah / Hang Jebat story that we know of. But I'm not talking about that here.. this is a REVIEW!

^^ My tix and booklet

Ok.. the play was held at the Esplanade's Studio Theatre where the seats were 'Free Seating' and it's like a Black-box kind of theatre. It was quite big and the seats were already almost full when we entered, I tell you. Putri and Me got some corner seats about 6 rows from the front.

The props/stage set were beautifully designed with a few "Keris' Head" outlines cut into the fake walls and acts as a 'Wayang kulit' during certain scenes. The whole stage was made in a way that the entire gamelan group (or musicians) were behind the translucent walls which made them visible (or not) by clever use of lightings. The lightings on the other hand were quite flawless too. Though the wayang kulit part didn't turn out that clear coz the shadow wasn't easily seen. There was also a part where a real human was use a the wayang-kulit puppet, showing off some silat movements. That was a bit better but, like I said, it could have been made nicer,.. somehow.

I love the music. It was the perfect feel for most parts of the show. Though during some scenes, the actors'/actresses' dialogs were often over-powered by the music playing behind. It was lucky the actors/actresses used wireless mics, if not the audience were not gonna hear anything they delivered! There was also English subtitles on a mini projector over the audience, which helped me a bit, coz I'm not that strong in Malay (especially when one of the actors spoke with a strong Malaysian Accent).

cheh! Rafaat a.k.a. Judge Jiwang & Deanna Yusof >>

The actors & actresses suited their part, including Rafaat Hamzah, but I could see that he was a bit awkward, esp with his silat moves. But all-in-all, they managed to portray their characters beautifully. Not too little, not too much. The humour inserted in the script were just at the right dose.

There were parts which disturbed me a bit. One of them was the backstage crew. I understand it was their job to pick up the stuff that was left on the stage, etc. but they could have done it more inconspicuously rather than in plain view of the audience. It was a kind of disturbing and took away the "mood" for a while. Another thing was that in some scenes, the actors/actresses were supposed to make the audience believe that they were at the front of the house or in the kitchen, etc etc. Like for example, to tell the audience that they were running from the kitchen to the living room area, they had to run down the steps, go across the stage to the back, go in the door, go out the same door and into the living room. You catch any ball? Yeah.. anyway.. I understand what they were trying to do but I found it kind of redundant or inappropriate. What's more, it made some audience giggle because of this.

Overall, I really did like the play. I hope to see more of these kind of quality shows in the future. The tix is kind of expensive, but after watching it, its worth the time and money.


-- 9 Nov 2007, 230PM -- Movie Review: The Bee Movie --

I watched a midnight show with Putri (who else? :p ) at Bishan Junction 8 after practice on Wednesday Night. I had a eVoucher for a Buy-1-get-1-Free Movie Ticket Offer, so.. why not? We Bought Cheesy Pasta, Sweet Popcorn, a Grape Drink and a Coke. woohoo! I was a bit looking forward to this flick since Jerry Seinfeld is starring as the Bee and he is one of my favourtie stand-up comedian.

Anyhoo, about the movie, I have to say that this movie confused me a bit. Coz mainly, the storyline consists of bees that can actually talk to humans. This part of the movie will be targeted to kids, since its a cartoon anyway. But then.. most of the jokes and one-liners are meant for adults. No, not like R(A) adult stuff,... more like jokes that only most adults or teens will understand.

The storyline was a bit unique but the ending was a bit abrupt and sudden (isn't that the same meaning?). It basically converted the Honey Hive into a entire "Factory" with each bee having their own tasks. But Barry (Jerry) did not want to have to live his life as a worker bee all his life, so he flew out of the hive with some other bees and got into a bit of a misadventure.

He fell in love with a Human (Renee Zellweger)(i find this really lame, actually) and found out that the humans are profiting from Bee's Hard work; i.e. Honey. Yeah.. that's the base story.. I don't want to spoil the show so... I'll stop here.

The Movie is ok, with up-to-standard animations and great jokes/one-liners. Though I dunno how long the movie actually runs but it felt a bit long when I was watching it.. so for me, it felt a bit draggy.

So, If you are an animation freak, like Mr Mean here, you will enjoy this movie like you did with other animated movies. Recommended to be watched as a couple or with a group of friends. Nice movie to laugh out loud to.

Overall Rating: 7/10

Unforgettable line: MOSQUITO: "... I'm already a Lawyer since I'm a parasite all along. All I need was a briefcase!"

---- 21 Oct 2007, 8PM --- Movie Review ---


This movie may look like one of those childish, boring high-school movies, but I can tell you.. it's not even close. True it features 3 high school kids who are on the verge of graduating from high-school. But what's different in this show is that.. the show is more matured. There's a lot of sex issues being passed around, well actually, that's one of the main subjects mentioned in this show.

This show revolves around 2 guys + 1 extra geek, with the urge to get "laid" before they start college, so as to have some sort of "experience". Each one already have their eyes on their girls and are waiting for the right time.

The script is brilliant and cleverly written. Even though the movie talk is more about sex, it is also holds a strong message about true friendship and some things are not always meant to be.

It's more of a guy flick but girls may find this movie quite interesting, too. So i suggest, do check this movie out. It's one of the best shows now, other than Resident Evil and it's waaay better than Mr Woodcock.

"an authentic take on the awkwardness of the high school experience"-Rotten Tomatoes which rated the film 87%

Final Verdict: 8/10. Highly entertaining!

---- 19 Oct 2007, 3AM --- Movie Review ---

Mr. Woodcock

The show is about John Farley ( Sean William Scott ), a self-help writer who goes back to his hometown to find his widowed mom dating his PE Teacher, Mr Woodcock ( Billy Bob Thornton ), who has humiliated and insulted him school. Seeking revenge, he tries to break up the relationship but Mr Woodcock seems to be a step in front of John, always.

I expected more comedy in this movie but it turned out to be quite a boring show. I have to admit that there were a few slapstick comedy here and there.. but not enough for me to laugh it all out. Its rather more worth waiting for its rental than to watch it in the movie. Serious. Unless you got free tix to this show.. then I suggest you wait for the rentals.

The actors, Sean and Billy shown good acting as their individual characters but the show is just too short, too flat and too quiet.

Final Verdict: 3.5/10. Wait for it to show on Ch.5.

---- Backdated, 17 Oct 2007 --- Movie Review --

Resident Evil: Extinction

It was a more or less a great movie. I have watched the 2 previous installations of this movie (and even played the game!) but i should say the 3rd one is better, eventhough much of the movie takes place in the barren desert.

As usual, Milla Jovovich kicks ass. The storyline was ok. Not much to ask for in an action flick. There are a few comical and heart-stopper scenes.. even the mat (guy) sitting behind me said "siol.. buat aku teperanjat je" ("shit.. frighten me only..") during one of the scenes in the Umbrella Corp. Lab. Ella.. ella.. ella.. eh eh.... sorry couldn't help myself.

Anyhoo... Good flick for anyone out there. Couple, guys, gals all will like it the same. But I dunno why they rated it NC-16. Not much gore. just a few zombies getting crushed and birds having "lunch" .

Verdict: 6/10. So-so lah.. entertaining enough for me.

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