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--- 05 Dec 2007, 915AM --- 'Me & the World' ---

This shot was taken with my 2MP cam-phone. It turned out like what I had hoped for except for the ceiling on the top-left hand corner of the pic. Bah!


--- 28 Oct 2007, 530AM --- 'Atomic' Sunset ---

Taken, again, at my corridor. One of my favourites. If only the damn bird didn't get in the way of the shot. :p


-- 28 Oct 2007, 5AM -- 'bridge to art'/'puking merlion'

These shots were taken quite a long time ago. Still just wanna share it up here.


--- 27 Oct 2007 --- 'Vista' Wallpaper ---

If you want a "Vista-like" feel to your XP computer, download this refreshing picture for your wallpaper. Its nice. I like it and its my current wallpaper.

<<click image above, right-click it and Save Pic As>>

Green Rockx!

Side Note: The "My Folders" on the right is not full yet. So be patient as I get more pics to add into the folders and the links.. ermm.. clickable.

--- 24 Oct 2007 --- "Peekin' Sunset" ----

The Sunset yesterday evening as seen from my Corridor. I can get great shots of sunsets here.. only that most of the times, I'm not home.

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  • Still searching for an affordable DSLR... :p