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Festival Tari Serumpun 3 (Regional Dance Festival)

This year's BIG Event for Majlis Pusat in the Malay Arts Arena will be this 'Festival Tari Serumpun 3'. It's basically a regional festival that is 'celebrated' across the Riau Regions of Indonesia. And Singapore have recently been another additional stop-over for this Festival. 

 Apart from various Regional Malay Dance Groups from Indonesia and Malaysia, there will be also 3 well-known Local groups performing in this Event. Mainly, Sriwana Performing Arts, Teater Tari Era, Azpirasi and of course, Majlis Pusat - Kirana Seni. 

Every group will showcase new dances which will focus on the theme, "Bergerak Sealun, Bertandak Serumpun". So, don't miss out on this once in 2 years Dance Showcase.

Please show your support in the Malay Arts Community.

Contact me directly if you want to purchase and tickets at a slightly cheaper price. ;)

12th Jan @ RRPB 5, Taman Warisan

Yesterday, I was involved in one of the performances during the Rangsang Rias Pusaka Bangsa 5 event at Taman Warisan. (Heirloom Rejevenution Ceremony @ Malay Heritage Center).

I had to help to set-up our booth as soon as I got there in the morning for promoting out group. After which, our members took turns to man the booth to help recruit more members into our Malay Dance group, Majlis Pusat - Kirana Seni (KS) and to promote our group more to locals and tourists. We had tourists (and a few non-malay locals) trying out our costumes on displays to take photos in. I stayed there, since the guys had nothing much to do in the morning.

the central performing area >>

The event officially started, as usual, with the procession process of welcoming the Guest-of-honor from the "Sultan Gate" all the way to the hall, followed by the standard speeches and token exchange. After which, there was a "Fabrics & Textile of the Malay Diaspora" model show with Majlis Pusat - Orkes Mutiara (OM) playing traditional Malay music. Different types of fabrics and textiles were "modelled" across the hall by the KS girls with the emcee describing each of the cloth's background and details. Oh ya, Fabrics & Textiles is the theme for this year's RRPB event.

<< some silat performances by ang-mos! sweet!

After that, the Guest-of-honor was escorted to the rest of the exhibitions outside where they were showing different types of weapons from different Malay regions, the Keris Cleansing Ceremony and the Official Launch of the event. The Guest-of-honor "dissapeared" into the museum, while the rest of the performances continued on under the big white tent.

The Performances showcased included Kuda Kepang, Dikir Barat, Silat and Keris Balancing Acts. Not forgetting the songs and music by Orkes Mutiara and Malay Dance by Kirana Seni. All the performances were performed during different slots throughout the day.

sweet ladies! (fr left: Janna, Putri and my sec sch fren, Wati) >>

Eventhough the short heavy rain in the late afternoon did dampen some spirits, the show did go on and most of the attendees and audience stayed on till our last dance performance. It was a long day and everyone was tired but it was a fruitful day spending time with friends and watching/performing together with different performing groups.

The show is still ON today, till 6PM. There is still time to catch all of them in action. I'm not involved today coz I'm at work (laugh all you want).


Rangsang Rias Pusaka Bangsa 5 (Heirloom Rejuvenation Ceremony 5)

12th & 13th January 2008 @ Malay Heritage Centre (Taman Warisan)

This event is to commemorate the arrival of the month of Muharram which is the start of the New Year in the Muslim Calendar.

It will showcase the various aspects of our Unique Malay Culture and Traditions, that includes Cleaning of the Keris (the Traditional Malay Weapon) and heirlooms (pusaka); Arts and Culture performances by various groups from all around Singapore such as Kuda Kepang, Malay Traditional Music, Malay Dances and Silat Performances.

Some of the Highlights to look forward to:-

  • Opening Ceremony Procession
  • Keris Cleansing Demonstration
  • Arts & Cultural Performances
  • Fabrics & Textile of the Malay Diaspora Exhibition
  • Keris Pageant & Exhibition

So, if you are free or in the Kampung Glam area on the 12th or 13th of January 2008, please do come down to witness a whole variety of performances from 10AM till 7PM on Saturday and 10AM until 6PM on Sunday. See you there!


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