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--- 8 July 2008, 11AM --- Va Va Vrooom!!! ---

Ho, Ho, Hooo! He's back and better than ever! Im talking about the Big, Blue XJR that have been sleeping in the bike shop for exactly 1 year! 

Yes, I just passed my class 2A 2 weeks back and I went straight to the bike shop to claim what was rightfully mine. The TP test went along fine. In only got 8 out of 18 Demerit points. Wooohoo! Actually I was quite surprised to see that among all the 80 Testees that took the same test with me, only about 10 of them failed. Yup.. A LOT OF THEM PASSED! So, if you want to take Class 2B, 2A or 2, GO to BBDC. They ROX! (FYI, I dun work with them).

After riding the red, shaky RXZ for one full year, it felt damn good to ride my XJR again. Smooth, Powderful and a lot of muscle. I have changed most of the critical parts in this baby before I could ride again. First to be installed was the Battery. The old one was flat beyond charge, eventhough the shop mechanics have "warm up" the bike once in a while. Next was the Engine Oil (EO) and the Oil Filter. The EO was so black and the Oil FIlter I had no idea it needed a change until a friend told me about it. 

Oh well, it was a much more smoother riding after that. Next to go will be the Helmet Box. Its getting really weathered but its not on the priority list yet. My Fren told me just to Re-spray it which I agreed as it will save my pocket money. Im still thinking what kind of design I should spray. The rear brake should need servicing too coz its making this really annoying high-pitched creaking noises whenever I slow down the bike. Tapping the rear brake helps a while but it will surely come back. For now, I didn't use the Rear Brake much unless I really need to use it. I wonder what's wrong with it.

Here is a maintenance list I have on what to do to this baby, so far.

1) Rear Brakes; maintenance or change

2) Helmet Box; Re-spray

3) Side View Mirrors. Needs a new one. Coz the current one are not from the same set and its getting rusty.

4) I want to install a Battery Gauge.

Well, I think that's it from now on. Will probably be doing these in months to come coz budget is really the MAIN PRIORITY now. Everything is rising! The only thing that is going down is... erm... shit I can't think of anything!

The Mean Machine is back - AzMean


-- 24 Oct 2007, 530AM --- History of my Rides: Part 2 --

Now.. where was I? Oh yeah.. 2A. So, in the year 2006, I decided to get my 2A license, which I promptly did. I passed at my first try (it was quite easy actually), and went around looking for the motorbike of my choice with my dad, again. But this time, I make sure I actually see the bike first! :p

We went to shop by shop looking for any good 2nd hand bikes for sale at a good price. Initially, I just wanted a Honda Super 4, Black or Gray colour, but couldn't find any. The Super4s that were available were mostly Blue or Red. So, that day, I went home feeling down.. coz I couldn't get any offers!

The next day, my dad said he have already got a bike "similar to Super4", he said at the same shop that I have gotten the 125z. Of coz, I was sceptical about it. I was expecting the worst actually.. I was already picturing in my head that my dad have got a Super lousy designed bike which I would not like! But he already reserved it.. so wat to do?

However, the bike that was on display in the middle of the shop... was a BEAUTY! It wasn't black nor grey.. but it was Blue and Big! It was actually a tad bigger than the Super4 but have the same 400CC engine. And it was HEAVIER too! This is the Yamaha XJR400R. To me, this machine was perfect!

<< the XJR400R, taken at my workplace's carpark. (click for larger image)

I was really happy with this bike. Monthly installments did not burn a hole in my pocket, maintenance was OK and the previous owner did not use the bike much. The mileage was only 20k when I got it. Woohoo! I remembered on the day I got this bike, it was Putri's Graduating Ceremony too.. but I didn't told her yet. I surprised her later that night. She too liked this bike, from the way she reacted when she saw it!

Anyhoo, things did not go that well for long though. On 21 Oct 2006 (hey! that's Exactly ONE YEAR AGO!), I was involved in an accident, 500m away from my home. You can Read about it at Happeepill's Website or My Multiply Blog (both are the same thing, only that the happeepill one has some cartoons done by Mr evil Bunny himself).

The accident cost me to lose my 2A license and thus my new bike as well. Erm.. technically I didn't lose it. I still own it, only that it's not legal for me to ride it on the road yet. So, after losing my Class2A License, the only logic thing for me to do is to get back a 2B bike. And the motor shop sold me a rustic (or should I say rusty?), RXZ. A red one. The cheapest I could get at that time.

Ngeeeh! It is noisy, It shakes a lot when I'm riding it but.. hell.. I need transportation. So this could do while I wait till I could get my hands on my Class 2A license again. But of course, that will be in April next year. so about 6 more months to go.

This RXZ.., other than shakes a lot, it eats a lot of petrol too. It also spits out a lot of Smoke, like someone smoking sheesha non-stop. Everytime I ride on this devil, it feels like the whole bike is gonna break apart, I tell u. Well.. what to do... Bo-pian lor. I just can't wait to ride my XJR400 again. The smooth, macho bike. haha.. COUNTING DOWN!


-- 21 Oct 2007, 11PM --- History of my Rides: Part 1 --

Whoa.. it's been that long huh? 2003. Yup. that was the year when I took and passed my Class 2B.. and have to enlist to BMT 2 weeks after that. :p

Anyhoo, my first motorbike was a rather small one, but quite powerful. it was a blue & white Yamaha 125z. In the year 2003, this bike wasn't that popular as it is today, so I didn't get those "mat rempit" remarks at that time. The bike was chosen by my dad actually. He just ordered one from his regular bike shop, "Meng Motor" @ Jln. Besar and I just went there to collect. I did not like it at first coz at I have this stereotype-thinking that only Ahpeks or Pakciks will be riding this kind of motorbike.

it was the same model, but blue instead and have spoked-rims >>

This bike serveed its purpose. It took me back and fro from my camp in Jurong and it was easy to maintain as well. It was a great advantage to me, since I don't know much about maintaining my motorbike. So, I would just have to change the engine oil, add 2T and change the Chain and Sprocket regularly. It was inexpensive form of transport if you ask me. The 125z also rarely breaks down.. actually, in the whole 3 years of using this bike.. it only broke down once, not including tyre problems (I'll mention that later on).

I resprayed this bike twice. Once was with an overall light blue (i wanted dark blue but my friend used a wrong colour!) with white stripes and the next one was overall black with a bit of green here and there. To be honest, both resprays were ugly. Haha.. but.. beats looking at the same bike for 3 years in the same colour.

<< the 2nd self-respray. ugly rite?

All wasn't so smooth-sailing with this 2-wheeler. In total, I had 2 accidents, in which at both times, it was my wrong-doing. The first accident was behind Bishan Junction 8. I was squeezing through traffic, a taxi passenger opened his door without checking traffic and I lightly rammed into the edge of the door. The guy was apologetic, even though it was partly my fault. My index finger on my right hand was bleeding badly. But I just put my bike aside and I went to the Guardian in Junction 8 to get some bandages. The apologetic guy offered to pay for every damage and he gave me his contact number. But I didn't call him cause I did not think it was worth the trouble.

The 2nd accident was due to the recklessness and impatience of my own self. To make the story short, on approaching a busy traffic junction and watching the lights turning amber, I accelerated while the car in-front of me stopped. I braked hard but not enough for me to smear my face on the bonnet of the car. Haha.. Don't worry I was OK and so was my bike. But my wallet wasn't! I had to fork out $200+ for the damages I did to the car's bumper. *bummer*.

So, in 2006, I sold this bike after passing my class 2A and also because I got fed-up with the motorbike's back tyre getting punctured almost once every week. Serious. I think in total, I had replaced about 6 inner tyre-tubes before I let it go. So, SAY NO TO SPOKED RIMS & INNER-TUBES!! Personally, I think that this bike "knew" that I was getting my 2A Bike... so... it kind of got broken-hearted that I'm letting it go. haha!

Shit, I'm talking non-stop. So I think I better stop now. If you want to read more, stay tuned for Part 2 of "History of my Rides".