my collection of Lego since i started in late 2006, after the fateful accident. since my left hand was immobile for a few weeks, i decided to gave my hand its own therapy sessions.. by using Lego Bricks. So, together with Putri, we bought the first sets together, an ambulance and an airport firetruck. from there... the collection juz grew & grew.


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Indy Motorcycle | Trilogy Reviews | MOC: Hospital | CITY Advent Calendar | Package Received

----- 26 Jan 2008, 1AM ---- Indiana Jones Review: Motorcycle chase -----

Indiana Jones? Yes, that's true. Lego is now licensed to make sets from the Indiana Jones Trilogy and the upcoming movie this year. And to start off the theme, they have released 4 great sets, each from a familiar scene from the old 3 movies. In total, the 4 sets are, the Motorcycle Chase Scene In the Last Crusade, the Truck Chase Scene, Chamber scene and the Famous Lost tomb scene from the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Now I'm gonna review the smallest of the 4 sets, the Motorcycle Chase scene.

This cool set includes a Bad guy (a.k.a. Nazi), Indy himself and his Dad, Henry Jones Sr. This scene is where they have just escape from the hands of the Nazi's army and on the way to get Indy's Dad Diary back. Even though there were 4 motorcycles chasing them in the real flick, this set has only 1.

This set also consists of a few crates, a flag pole, a guard post, one off-road motorcycle and a motorcycle with a sidecar. It's all consistent with the props from the movie itself. Other small accessories includes Indy's Whip, his slingbag, a map and a few handguns.

To me, this is a great set. What's more, Lego is releasing these sets here at a promotional price! This set would have cost about S$30 in other countries but here, it only cost S$19.90. So go get yours while there is still stock! haha.. I am sure getting another set, so that I can use the motorcycle for normal Town motorcycles.

Pictures speak a thousand words, so enjoy the slideshow and an animation based on a scene from the movie itself.


----- 25 Jan 2008, 3PM ---- The CITY Trilogy Reviews -----

The 2 Impulse Sets; 5610 Mini Cement Mixer, Refuse Bin and the CITY 7732 Air Mail sets.


Let's start with the Smaller sets first, the Mini Cement Mixer.

This set is one of 4 mini sets that are called the "Impulse" lines. I only got these 2 because the other 2 sets are the police and the fire series which I already have loads of it in my collection, so I'm probably skipping those.

The tiny set is made up of just a few pieces that is mounted on a set of wheels so that it can be moved around easily. The set also comes with a few round tiles that acts as cement pieces. The cement drum will also rotate as you push it along, as long as the drum is tilted to either side.

Nothing much else to say here other than it being a cute set and its been a while since the Lego Company have released small sets like there. So it's a new welcome, especially for new Lego Fans like me. The retail price is S$6.90, in most stores here. Enjoy the slideshow below or you can manually view the "View All Images" button to view the pics manually.


Next is the Refuse Bin and Trolley set. This set contains a mini figure, an orange Refuse bin and a trash can. It's a good set to add more parts to your Lego collection, even if you don't want the set itself. Of course, if you are planning a whole Lego town, a few of these Refuse Bins would be a nice addition wouldn't it?

The mini set also has a few round tiles to act as "trash" for the Lego Mini figure to do his job at cleaning up the mess. This set also costs S$6.90 at most local stores here. And enjoy the slideshow below.


Next is the 7732 Air Mail set. Its a small cargo plane meant for small deliveries for.. well, small packages. It has been a while since the Lego Company have released a small plane like this set. Ever since the "CITY" theme started, Lego have been releasing HUGE Planes in contrast to this small ones. This HUGE planes are not only big but it has BIG Pieces in the part sets like the wings itself. Its just one huge plastic piece instead of the Lego style of joining several pieces to actually make the wing. To me, it was just like not fixing a Lego set... It's like Lego have lost its style of.. Lego Building.

But with this set, The Lego Company have raised hopes that they will still be releasing such sets and in turn make the entire Global Lego Community go ooh-ahh... This set is a legend by itself.

Anyway, the plane is small enough to be added into any Lego City Layout that you may have since its compact enough and does not have a large wingspan. The mini figure also has a new printed torso design which looks good too. To me, this plane is perfect. The best CITY set ever released from Lego, period.

Enjoy the Slideshow and the animation which I did myself.


----- 13 Dec 2007, 1AM ---- My Own Creation: Hospital -----

I did not like how the Original Hospital Set (below) looked like. If you asked me, I would say that this particular set's design was rushed and sold off just to meet the demands of a new sub-theme. The original hospital, while it looked nice, has a few "design problems" to function as a typical hospital.

  • The Emergency Room was located on the top floor
  • The Helipad was just too small and the supports were placed erratically
  • The Path leading from the helipad, leads directly to the wards and not the emergency room.
  • No direct way for the ambulance to drop off their patients, since all the rooms are elevated high from the ground level.

So I took matters in my own hands and created my own Hospital Building. Presenting the totally overhauled Hospital Set. Larger Rooms and A Larger Helipad.

more pics here!


----- 04 Dec 2007, 12PM ---- Lego CITY Advent Calendar 2007 -----

Its that time of the year where you see fake snowflakes hanging everywhere and repeated carols and songs being played over and over and over again. :p

It's Christmas! Although I don't celebrate it.. my Lego Does! haha.. Here is one of those "holiday themed" sets that are quite hard to get, since it's not officially available here in Singapore. It's the Advent Calendar. What is it is that its a huge box, with small windows in it with numbers 1-24 on each window flap. Inside each window is a small Lego Set which will be taken out every day, until Christmas Eve. Cool huh?

Here are the sets from Day 01 - 03. (1st - 3rd Dec)

Its the Fire Theme! But quite boring I should say. I have too many firemen in my collection.


And here what lies behind Day 4 - 6 of the Advent Calendar!

Its the Construction Theme. Superb Barrier and The Arrow Sign thingy. Any Lego Town fan would never get enough of these construction Barriers. heh.. Looks like this theme can make a great "Road works" scene.


Here comes Day 7 - 9 for the advent Calendar! (ignore the erroneous numbers on the pic!)

This time its the Airport theme. We have the Air Crew, The Lame Baggage Trolley and a skinny and funny looking Antenna. To be honest, I only like the minifig in this Theme.


Day 10 - 12!

Its the Harbour Theme now. Ok, this one is better than the airport one. We have the Port Worker, a Mini-dock with a Life-saving device attached to an empty sign and a trolley with a gas Drum (again). Well, at least its more interesting in this Theme, though Lego should have included, at least, a sticker for the sign. Why why why would we need an empty sign?


On these 3 days, we had the Octan Theme, the fictional Lego Gas/Petrol brand.

This time, the mini-sets are great! I like the Mini-fig and the structures as well! Nice addition to any small petrol station that may be in my Lego Town. hehe...


On Day 16 - 18, We got the Train Theme!

We have the Signal Lights, The Bench with a clock and the Train Conductor (I think). All-in-all, the Bench looks OK but the Signal Lights could have been better constructed.

On Day 19 -21, It was the "Cleaner" Theme.

Its NICE! I like this theme! Great mini-sets and nice minifig. Will fit into any Town Layout for sure!


And the last theme on Day 22 - 24 would be...

The Police Theme and the Final Door 24 and that is a cute Christmas Tree, complete with some presents below the tree!


All in all, that completes this year's CITY Advent Calendar. So, Merry Christmas to all Christians out there!


----- 21 Nov 2007, 4AM ---- Small Package Received ----

This is what happens if your packages from overseas are not packaged/protected properly.

I received this package from the UK after winning a few Lego parts auctions on It wasn't worth much coz it was THAT cheap (that's why I bid on it :p ). Anyway, the package got into my mailbox all torn and tattered. Fortunately, most of the internals was not damaged except for 2x Lego Motorcycles. If you are wondering, No I didn't get any Star Wars Set. Basically the seller just used the box as a parcel for delivery.

its damaged!!! The pain! the agony!!! >>

As you can see, the motorcycle's Side mirror is bent to an awkward angle. I have e-mailed to the seller and he replied back that he will send 2x new ones to me due to the damage, without any other questions! What service! Hehe... now how I wish those big companies would treat after sales service this way.

<< Side mirror already bent... tried to straighten it but was unable to do so


----- 18 Nov 2007, 2PM ---- Picture Review : 7992 Container Stacker -----

Here is a Picture Review of the CITY: Container Stacker, one of the Free sets that I got from Lego HQ, Singapore.

The reason I got this set "for free" was that It was way overpriced for a single vehicle set with one Mini figure. So instead of getting one using my own cash, I got it under Lego's Giveaway (for being involved in a Lego Show middle of this year).

This set isn't one of those great vehicles, IMO. Yes its a great addition to the Cargo Train, The Huge Harbour Set and the Upcoming Cargo Plane.. but the retail price of S$40 just doesn't cut it. The number of pieces are almost the same as a S$20 set (like the Cement Truck / Refuse Truck). What's more, the Crane arm is a bit stiff, and you really have to use force to move the crane up and down. Also, the crane can stack the containers up to 2 stacks high only! Bluergh... what a waste.

My Overall Rating for this Set: 4/10. Steep Price, Poor Design, Stiff Crane. Get something else!

*Wait a while and view the pictures as a slideshow below!*

and a bonus Animation, I did myself.

----- 14 Nov 2007, 1AM ---- Lego Treasures -----

On Sunday evening, as I was coming back from meeting Putri, I saw something at the void deck of my block of flats that caught my eye. It was an old Blue Lego Bucket, suppsosedly containing a handful of Lego bricks of different colors. At first, I thot it was just full of rubbish inside.. but upon opening it.. Lego bricks came pouring out. Though a bit dirty with grime, I brought it home.

<< quite a number of rare stuff! do you know how hard is it to get pink colored parts?

When I poured out the entire contents on a newspaper covered floor, I was surprised to find that most of the Lego Bricks are quite new and rare. Rare as in parts that are not easily available nowadays. So, after sorting out other non-Lego stuff (there were a few alienated toys), I put it back in the bucket, put in some powdered detergent with a hint of bleach and added water. I stirred the Lego bricks around, left it overnight and walla! the bricks came out looking like brand new.

all clean and bright after washing! >>

So, to the readers out there, whoever you are... if you or anyone you know that want to throw away any Old Lego bricks, please do contact me. hehe.. I'm serious! DO CONTACT ME!

----- 22 Oct 2007, 3AM ---- New 2008 CITY Line-up ----

These are the new product-line for the Lego CITY Theme. The 3 sub-themes are Police (again), Cargo and Postal Service! I'm looking forward to the Postal Sub-theme rather than the Police one. There was already a Police Sub-theme, but Lego still decided to add another one. But I can say the Newer Police Station look so much more better than the old one. Ok more pics, less talk.

Postal Sub-Theme(click on pics for bigger image)

7731 - Post Van 7732 - Post Plane

Cargo Sub-Theme

7733 - Cargo Plane 7734 - Cargo Truck

Police Sub-Theme

7744 - Police Station 7743 - Police Truck

7743 - Police Plane 7742 - Police Plane

*rant on* Why on earth does the Police need a Plane for??? Catch Air Pirates?? *rant off*

----- 19 Oct 2007, 2AM ---- New Set: Town Plan 10184 ----

Holy, studded bricks, Batman! Its a HUUUGGEEE LEGO SET!

It's a new, upcoming set from Lego called the Town Plan 10184. And boy is it HUGE! Why is it an old man on the box instead of a kid playing lego, u may think. Well, look at the smaller pic on the box, with the year 1958 on top. That kid is the same person you see on the box, exactly 50years later! Talk about nostalgic! Yeah.. its a bit weird having an old man on the front of a toy box.. but it's very effective & nostalgic.. and that is what The Lego Company is all about.

Coming out in January 2008, this set includes lots and lots of minifigs and 3 different buildings! Containing 1981 pieces of lego, its one huge set and its great for AFOL and kids alike. The buildings are nicely architectured, following a 50s era. This set is one of the great 'Factory' Lego sets that Lego sells exclusively. Most of these factory sets are designed by Lego Fans worldwide, and made by Lego.

I can't wait to get my hands on this set. Woohoooo! *gleaming with glee*

----- 18 Oct 2007, 830AM ----- Package Received! ---

I just received my package from UK this morning! It's a set for the Christmas Season called 'Advent Calendar'. What this means is that the entire set comes with mini-sets to be opened, every day from the start of December, until Christmas Day. The box will have little windows with the dates 1-25 and you are supposed to open it one each day till christmas.

But of course, i wont do that. Maybe I will for the sake of the set review on s0937fg forum page. Most probably, i will open the side of the box and take out the entire tray. muahahah... *evil laugh*.

*s0937fg is a local Lego fan forum where all the AFOL (Adult Fans Of Lego) gather and share interesting stuff like new sets coming up, vintage sets, collections, Their Own Creations (MOCs) and many more. FYI, "s0937fg" means Singapore LEGO fanatic group, where the numericals '0937' is actually the word 'LEGO' upside-down.

----- 17 Oct 2007, 4PM ----- Mini-Package Received! ----

Reached home from meeting Putri for lunch and got a cute, mini package of Lego Parts in my Mailbox. Dats rite in my mailbox! It was an auction that I have won over It contains nothing more than 5x Large Pine trees, 5x chrome silver bars and 10x 3-leaf-plants.

* is a very useful page to get individual lego parts instead of getting a whole set. Its basically an entire marketplace of Lego Sets and parts from around the world. So, if you can't get a part or set in Singapore, you can find it on Bricklink. Though keep in mind about the shipping charges!