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::: links to lots and lots of interesting and fun (and sometimes serious) bloggers :::

Wacky Evil Bunny at his best! From "How to nab a GF/BF" to "Marriage" articles, this guy makes the web a nicer place to visit with his humor and lots and lots of cartoons. He also have a few Flash-based games and animations. Some are available for public while those "exclusive ones" are available to members ONLY. How to become member? Check outThe Happepill Fan-Site to get access to more cartoons! (see? dun play-play ah... got fansite summore). But be warned! He gets a bit Serious during the fasting month. Hehe...

mr malique talks about design, advertising and the latest buzz in the creative industry

This site is full of great design stuff! From eye-catching adverts around the world to simple tutorials for amatuer photographers like me. Its always fun to read his stuff!

And yes... he does talk crap sometimes.

A gal who LOVES (and I say REALLY LOVE) cats and takes wonderful pics with her Nikon. She has her own Picture gallery of her shots, mostly of her cats, surroundings and her Teni. But, sometimes... she does go a bit vulgar in her posts.. so don't tell me I didn't warn you!

This dude is the one who makes the photoshopping tutorials found in His website/webpage/blog has lots and lots of entries in his blog archives, with the earliest blogs dated back till January 2002. Still learning the gist of professional photography, this guy has some good talents, even without his tripod.

This chap's blog has good articles of recommendation to products & services to how to earn a few easy bucks online. Simple, straight-to-the-point stuff. He also have this somewhat weird sense of humour (at least to me!).

His URL already made me laugh, when I saw it for the first time. The 2nd thing that made me LOL was his Picture with a fake mustache (or is it? 0_o). And that is what his site is about; amusing everyday events. Updated frequently with his funny and entertaining blogs together with some Bollywood movie Reviews. Woot!

Laid-back and simple kind of blog. Interesting articles which are a good read anytime of the day.

More coming soon....

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