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Me.. me.. me.... I'm actually just a regular guy who lives in the Central Part of Singapore. I work as an Associate Engineer at one of those local bred Wafer Fabrication Companies. My former schools are Keng Seng Primary (where on earth was that???), Buona Vista Secondary and Temasek Polytechnic.

My interests are mostly activities that can expand my creativity field, fixing stuff, some outdoor sports and a little bit of travelling. I also have a fair interest in the performing arts as well and have been a member of various local malay & english art groups.

Maybe you have known me from my "past-life" (hahaha :p ). I have used the nicknames such as "nash_1126", "PuteraNaz" or "AkU_SoRtZ" in mIRC chatrooms like #aikz, #tp_malay, etc (that was eons ago, do people still use mIRC now?).

So yeah, that's a teeny weeny bit of me. If you wanna know more, you can visit the links below. Do keep in mind that some of the details in these links are a bit outdated, coz I can't be bothered to update them anymore.

Friendster: www.friendster.com/kandaaz/



Oh yeah.. if you wanna contact me, please do it through my email, since I access it regularly than any one of the sites above.


MSN: kanda_az[at]hotmail.com

Note: Pls change the "[at]"to " @"from the email address. It's for obvious reasons.