About This Site


I started this site after looking for information on local bands. I have been saving links for years and then reading the New Times article featured on the home page and seeing the unbelievably valuable Doug Hopkins site, I decided to try and compile a list of links for local bands I liked, remembered, was curious about, etc. Music is a great passion in my life and it is my hope that this site will turn someone on to a new band, bring back memories of an old favorite or just demonstrate what the Arizona musicscape has sounded like for the past 20-30 years. There are many bands out there today that are phenomenal as well, but my main focus has been from around 1978 to 2000 or so. I know there are many bands I've overlooked and will continue to add links. 

Most of the music here is from my personal collection and as mentioned, if any band or label has issue with anything I've posted, please contact me and I will remove it immediately. If you'd like to contribute any information, photos, memorabilia or sounds, please contact me at azlocal@gmail.com.