AtoZ Job is dedicated to supporting Individuals, Teams and Organizations understanding your needs and challenges and help you on the key skills and knowledge of human resources that we know will make a difference. From basic communication skills to technical skills to strategic management, AtoZ Job offers a gamut of placement programs in our quest to address every HR need

Our leading-edge approach to HR and Head hunt includes workshops, webinars, professional skills HR, HR executive training , train the HR’s and customized screening of candidates to created Suitable needs for each organization. As a result our clients each manpower placement can be fully customized to meet your company's needs. We work with you to get right kind of people and process that is relevant to your organizational requirement. Each Placement is interactive, participatory and includes readiness and reinforcement activities

AtoZ Job presently works with companies ranging from fortune 500 conglomerates to small , independently owned business. We currently have employees in the following areas :

IT Sector, Non –IT Sector, Hospitality Sector, Hospital Sector,Housekeeping Sector, Domestic Sector


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