Engineering Reliable Solutions

Measurement and Analysis are a Waste of Time, if You Aren't Going to Take the Right Actions.

Reliability Engineering, with all it's formulas, tactics and pretty reports & graphs... can have limited impact at times. Performing the usual tasks, and then handing the analysis over to another engineer or department does nothing to insure that great solutions will be developed which eliminate the problem. Instead, it will undoubtedly lead to a small incremental improvement. Leading the effort all the way through to the development and implementation of great ideas, is what excites all of us.

Available Training

Senior Management (1 hour)

· Company’s Priorities/Issues – Benefits of RAM Program· Examples of Success· Requirements for Successful Introduction

Mid-Level Management (2 hours)

· Same as for Senior Management, plus…· Higher-Level Overview of Topics Listed Below · Expectations to be Communicated to Engineers· Required Behaviors of Direct Managers

Engineers (2 days)

· Overview of Topics Listed Below, plus…· Hands-On Application of Skills/Tools

Expert Resource (2-4 weeks)

  1. Role, Goals & Expertise for Reliability SME

  2. Reliability Measurement

o Data sources to establish current performance levelo Model necessary and sufficient RAM levels

3. Reliability Block Diagrams

o Prioritize Areas for Improvement & Set Reliability Goalso What component reliability is required to meet system goalo Simulation & System Performanceo Data Sources & Issueso Manual & Computer-Aided Modeling

4. Weibull Analysis

o Move teams and management from “MTBF” to Probabilitieso Unique Data Requirements & Confidence Levelso Interpreting Weibull Plotso Resources for Analysiso Optimum PM Frequencieso Spares Management

5. Physics-Based Causal Analysis – to improve FTA and FMEA

o Overall Strategy / Approacho Limiting Subjectivity & Brainstormingo Using Science, Research & Equations to Move through Analysiso Identifying Functions & Contradictions that can be Acted Upon

6. Reliability Testing

o Statically-Valid Testing methods and Strategieso Demonstrating Improvements Meet Goalso Accelerated Testing – using heat, humidity, etc. (HALT/HASS)

7. PM Analysis

o Mapping PM tasks to Failures, and vice-versao Use Weibull to Determine If & When PM’s Should be Doneo When does Predictive Maintenance make Sense?o Determine Optimum PM Frequencies

Background in Reliability Engineering

  • 25+ years experience in Reliability Engineering

  • Industry Experience:

Semiconductor Manufacturing (Intel)Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment (20 different companies)Automotive Manufacturing (Ford)Consumer ProductsEnergy
  • Certified Reliability Engineer (ASQ)

  • Master of Science - Industrial Engineering

  • Taught Reliability Engineering to 1000+ Engineers

  • Developed RAM Software for Intel and Ford

  • Introduced Predictive Maintenance and Condition-Based Monitoring to Several Companies.