Lake Stewardship is the practice of managing our lakes through preventative and/or remedial actions to safeguard the ecological health of our lakes for future generations. Lake Stewardship Groups are the voice of the lake and play the role of raising awareness of lake issues in the community. Stewardship is about citizens and stakeholders taking action and steering grassroots lake planning and implementation of actions that help protect water quality.

    The Lake Stewardship subcommittee has partnered with the Ministry of the Environment as a Lake Partner volunteer for Whitewater Lake. Lake partners take spring water samples for phosphorus concentration and Secchi depth readings bi-weekly or monthly.

Lake Stewardship Committee recommendations:

    The subcommittee realizes that while fishing is a good recreational activity we need to look at ways of reducing the negative impacts of Ice Fishing and Fishing Derbies, which are very popular on our lake.  Our intent is not to shut down these activities.  


-That we lobby for an earlier removal date for huts, March 1st which would give volunteers more of a chance to clean up the mess. 

-That we lobby for a fee based system of registrations and that proof of identity to register. 

-That we lobby for a limit on the number of derbies allowed on the lake.

-Encourage the city to develop a policy for use of the park (or all municipally administered public access points) where fishing derbies will be hosted and develop a fee structure for fundraising or professional events and create a reserve fund for remedial action on the lake. 

    Members of the subcommittee have lobbied through the Greater Sudbury Watershed Alliance (which we are members) and at the City of Greater Sudbury Lakes Advisory Panel and with Officials with the MNR and representative of the Provincial Government.  We will continue to push these initiatives as we feel our lake is in danger!

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