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Whitewater Lake Park – Lover’s Rock

The Azilda CAN recently commissioned a CEPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) report on Whitewater Lake Park which paid particular attention to the area know as Lovers’ Rock.

This area is one of the prettiest spots in Greater Sudbury with many picturesque views in a variety of directions. There was a very small amount of debris, some of it perhaps wind-borne and a small amount of broken glass. In the area close to the parking area there was some graffiti and slightly more debris.

The auditor believed this area is an underdeveloped, little known asset with huge potential. While reopening the area to vehicles is not recommended, the area would benefit from some walking trail signs. Perhaps two types of signs to define easy and medium difficulty paths could be installed. A legend at the entrance would allow visitors to choose their route. A few more benches would be welcomed. Once readied for visitors, then the walking trails could be promoted by the usual city recreation ads. The writer saw these changes as an excellent activity for some summer students and not very costly.

The CAN will discuss this idea further at our November 21st meeting, 7 pm at the Lionel E. Lalonde Center in Azilda.