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Café – Superstars Contest

Audition for a bilingual youth artistic competition for vocalists and musicians. 

Two categories – ages 12 and under and 13-19 years old

Place Bonaventure Mall, Chelmsford ON

Saturday January 18th

Saturday February 8th

10am – 4pm

Applicants will compete at the Café Heritage Festival on Saturday June 14th at the Azilda Arena.

Café Heritage Festival


- Do you have ancestors who resided in Rayside-Balfour before 1920?

- Do you have some good family related stories to share?

- Do you have talented relatives (storytellers, vocalists, musicians) who may wish to represent your family at the 125th celebration of Rayside-Balfour?

Come and discuss your family with us at one of the above events at the Place Bonaventure Mall in Chelmsford. 


We will be next to Esquire Fashions January 18th and February 8th from 10 am-4pm

Contact: Moe Berthiaume 705-983-0029

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