Welcome to the Azilda Community Action Network Site!

    The Azilda Community Action Network is a volunteer group organized to promote a sense of community through local improvement initiatives. We want to be a focus point for our civic community and want to build on our sense of community pride. We are still in our building and organizing phase but are making great progress. There has been an amazing outflow of interest from people in our community. There is a strong desire to bring Azilda back to the thriving social community that it once was. We have the will, the desire, the resources, and the people....let’s come together and get things done.

Don't be someone who simply sits back and waits for someone else to "do it". Put your energy to use and come out to the Azilda C.A.N. If you would like to help in any way, please contact us.

Why not come out to our next meeting? The Azilda CAN will meet every second Wednesday at 7 PM at the Lionel E. Lalonde Center on Montee Principale in Azilda, all are welcome!

Click here for our events Calandar for meeting dates and other events!


 Azilda Dog Park

    We believe that recreation comes in all forms, from leisure facilities to playfields to playgrounds for all, even for dogs. Recently, the City of Greater Sudbury established its first off-leash dog park in Minnow Lake. Much of the success of the Minnow Lake Dog Park can be attributed to the hard work of the Minnow Lake Community Action Network (CAN) and the partnerships they’ve developed throughout their community.

    With your help, the Azilda Community Action Network (CAN) would like to capitalize on the work of the Minnow Lake CAN and establish an off-leash dog park in our area. We have selected the former Northend Playground on MR15 as the ideal location for an off-leash dog park as it is both accessible and cost-effective since it has some existing fencing on site. That said we are now working on a fundraising drive to raise $30,000 to help with the cost of additional fencing, gates and other amenities we’d like to make available to dogs and their owners. This is where you come in.

    We are looking for donations.  All donations over $20 will be issued a tax receipt by the City of Greater Sudbury. We will also recognize our top donors on our website and at the park itself.

    Our residents need a park where they can walk, run and socialize their dogs in a safe environment. Can we count on your support?

If you would like to make a contribution please contact:

Dorice Dusty 
Azilda Dog Park Subcommittee 
Azilda Community Action Network 


           Click here to download the donation form!