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Family tree of Aziat


In Asia we still can find the oldest guardian dogs in the world. In the remote areas, in the cultural and economical environment, almost unchanged for thousands of years, these dogs are still doing the job they were designed for - protecting their animals and their homes. Even today, when areas of traditional herding are shrinking, these dogs can be met on the gigantic territory from Turkey to China. 
On the map below is shown region of spreading of Aziat and some livestock guardian breeds, which seem to be closely connected to Aziat:
Caucasian Ovtcharka , Tibetan Mastiff , Mongolian Ovtcharka, Turkish Kangal, Anatolian , Spanish Mastiff, Estrella Mountain Dog , Greek Shepherd Dog , Maremma…
And the area of Aziat on the scheme covers even more similar breeds - Afghanistan Sage Koochi, Iranian Sage Mazandarani, etc.


0 - the probable areas of breed origination
1 - the main ares of "classic" shepherd types of CAO - Kazah, Tadjic, Turkmen, Uzbek
2 - the oldest types of CAO - Iranian and Kurdish
3 - the oldest types of CAO - Afghanistan
4 - CAO family - Kangals and Anatolians
5 - CAO family - Caucasian Shepherd dogs, Circumpontic and Circumcaspian groups
6 - Bulgarian, Macedonian, Greek Shepherd dogs of Circumpontic group
7 - Dogs of Northern India and Tibet, Tibetan Mastiffs of different types
8 - Mongolian Shepherd dogs
08 - Buriat-Mongolian Shepherd dogs 
IT - italian Maremmas
SP - Spanish Mastiffs
.... and many others, like Swiss cattle dogs, Pyreneese shepherd dogs, etc.


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