American National Club of Aziat (ANCA)

Address from President of ANCA, 
American National Club of Aziat - Central Asian Shepherd Dog 

      Dear friends, Club members, and all dog fanciers!

      It is a privilege to address all of you in the year 2011 as the President for the American National Club of Central Asian Shepherd's Dog. Being born in Tajikistan, I know and own this dogs for all my life, and I will be glad to share my knowledge and love with you. I thank you for the trust that you have placed in me and all the officers of our Club. We all pledge to do our best in the task that we all formed this club for, and that is to provide the leadership and guidance in developing our breed in the USA, to ensure the highest standards of breeding and preserve the best qualities of Central Asian Shepherd's Dogs .

      The following Board members have been elected  by the Club as officers for the year 2013:

     - Vice-president -   Margarita Vakhilt, who has a great experience in the breed. She took part in the first training and testing programs for Aziat in America, and from the year 2009 works with Club officers.

   - Secretary -  Roberta Wayne, who  is well acquainted with club operations, and also long-time breed owner and fancier,

   - Treasurer -  Tyrone Brown      

    From the year 2009 we formed regional sections of the Club, headed by well-known Aziat breeders, now ANCA regional coordinators, and members of our Board of Directors  - 

    - Steve Nash (East), Breeder and expert, Max-O-Magic Kennels, NY

    - Renat Sultanov (West), Breeder and expert, Bulgar-It Kennel, CA

     Our responsibilities in 2013 remains the same:

     - to make sure that our Club provides the positive, supportive environment for our members and their dogs ;

     - to help our members participate in and benefit from the Club activities, educational programs, shows, forums, etc.;

     - to ensure that the Club actively promotes the breed and leads it to all-American recognition of it's unmatched qualities.

     We all look forward to the bright future of our ancient breed, and with everyone’s co-operation and commitment I am sure we will help it to become true.

Latif Latifi,

President of ANCA

Attention Members! Eastern Region Breed Test coordinator announcing Livestock Safety Test May 17, 18.