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Name: Nor Aziah Alias
Tel: +60355442009
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Welcome to my humble teaching abode. This is where I share my 30 years of teaching experience and professional achievements. For the past ten years, I have dabbled with technology and secured a niche in Instructional Design and Technology.  

I am currently the Director of Academic Development of my university,  Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia. The challenge is enormous, considering we have about 160,000 students and more than 12000 courses offered. My current task is to develop a learner-driven learning environment with technology as the enabler. 

Previously I headed the i-Learn Centre i.e our  e-learning centre with much enthusiasm though it was a challenge to incite similar interest among more tha 8000 academicians in the university.


Teaching energizes and gives me a great sense of fulfillment. Simultaneously challenging and rewarding, teaching is a crucial part of my role as an academic. It provides an opportunity for me to interact with a wide range of Engineering students and now, those pursuing a degree in Education,  and to share my interests in, and knowledge and skills of research, instructional technology and Physics  which will have a bearing on their professional lives later on. Starting a new semester  in UiTM, has always been refreshing to me  as the profiles of students keep changing.


This teaching portfolio illustrates my approaches to teaching and discusses my teaching experiences to date. It outlines my expectations of students who enroll in the courses I teach, then shows how my teaching methods and philosophy enable students to achieve these expectations. I provide a summary of the course I have taught, document my innovations in the classroom, detail my professional development activities and contributions to teaching to date. I also provide student testimonials and evaluations of my teaching.